Chronic Homelessness

Our goal: the eradication of chronic homelessness.

According to experts from the community milieu, chronic homelessness is a very specific and complex social problem, and responding effectively to it necessitates a targeted, skilled, specific intervention. We have made it our mission to work with and support local organizations and their initiatives in working toward a community without chronic homelessness.

Our annual "Be The Inspiration" events have raised more than $100 000 in the last few years. This money was used to support the initiatives of Accueil Bonneau, Welcome Hall Mission, Old Brewery Mission, Chez Doris, and Maison du Père.

We have been fortunate enough to have been visited by members of the community that we work alongside in our goal to eradicate chronic homelessness. Check out our Facebook and YouTube pages for recordings of our past speakers.

L'abri en Ville

L'Abri en Ville aims to provide a stable and fulfilling environment for persons with a mental illness through safe, affordable housing and inclusion in a community that supports their social, material, and spiritual needs. They believe in a society in which persons with mental illness can be full, contributing members.
Our members volunteered with L'Abri en Ville and helped with the renovation of one of their residences.

Holiday Baskets

Every year, we partner with local school boards to bring holiday baskets and holiday cheer to local families in need.
COVID-19 Relief Efforts
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Rotary took action.
Local organizations were struggling to meet the needs of vulnerable people, so all of the Rotary Clubs in and around Montreal joined forces to address these concerns. Each club was assigned an organization to direct their support to.
The Depot Community Food Centre in NDG was identified as one of the local organizations that was in need. We were able to raise funds to support their initiatives during this difficult period. 
Our collaboration with local Rotary and Rotaract clubs has resulted in the donation of thousands of masks, visors, and hand sanitizers to local homeless shelters and drop-in centres in downtown Montreal.
At the beginning of 2021 we partnered with Hunter Amenities to bolster support to local homeless organizations and distribute their generous donation of $9000 worth of hand sanitizer to members of the community!
Manoir Westmount
The Manoir Westmount seniors' residence opened in 1979, founded by the Rotary Club of Westmount on the eve of the club's 50th anniversary, and is still administered by the club today. The community had identified quality, affordable senior accommodations as lacking - and the Rotary Club of Westmount took action to address that need.
On May 21 of 1979, Mr. Walter B. Murray, then aged 92, moved in as the first resident. More than half a century later, Manoir Westmount is a thriving hub of activity and fellowship.