We have started to distribute some of the lap tops that your club donated to us, the recipients are very appreciative of the kindness of your club.  Glo the young girl in the red shirt had tears of joy streaming out of her eyes, she had never had one before. the teachers are also very happy and asked us to convey their heart felt gratitude. The  boy third from the right is from an orphanage and he stated that he was very happy to have received a lap top and he told us that he was going to share it with the other boys in the orphanage to do their homework.This are the kinds of projects that fill the heart with joy, its so wonderful to be able top change the life of someone. This picture only shows 4 students receiving lap tops but we continue to work on the others to make them ready to donate to students in need. 
Thank you to all the members of the University area rotary Club