Speaker Date Topic
Mark Kulda VP of Public Affairs Ins. Federation May 03, 2017
Important Insurance Issues Affecting Minnesotans

Mark Kulda spends much of his time in the spring following the Minnesota legislature when in session. He will discuss various and important insurance issues affecting Minnesotans.

Ames Sheldon Author and Researcher May 10, 2017
Potholes In The Road To Publication

Ames will discuss his 15 year journey in writing, doing research and revising his WWII novel "Eleanor's Wars" and then getting it published. It was all worth it as Ames 's book won a national book award.

Katy Mason Founder of Above and Beyond May 31, 2017
Academic Counseling for Refugee Youth

Katy Mason founded Above and Beyond Academic Counseling an organization that provides long term academic and college preparation services to first generation and refugee youth in the community.