Posted by Gail on Jan 05, 2018

CB East and Kenyon College graduate, Kevin Magee, spoke to both meetings this week about his adventures as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. He works as a Spanish educator in a village at the DR border with Haiti, in the north of the island. Coincidentally, the Engineers without Borders Water Project that we agreed to help fund is located nearby, in Machete. Because Kevin attended a Sunrise Rotary meeting last year and learned about the water project, he decided to visit it and give us a report. The day he arrived for his tour was the day RI awarded $60K for the project. There is a pipe already installed where the water pump will be located and he learned that water will be piped to the top of a nearby hill for distribution via gravity to the towns nearby. He told us that this project will be life-changing for the people involved, who currently travel to a local river for water. Kudos to Kevin for making the trip to bring us news of our Rotary Fundraising at work!

Scholarship recipient Kelly Cyliax spoke to us about her first semester at Mary Washington University. She is active on the college softball team, having captained the CB West team last year. Her coach encourages the team to connect with the community for social good, which Kelly is really enjoying. There is no Rotary Club at MWU, but Kelly has reached out to local clubs in Vicksburg and -who knows - she may just start one!