Posted by Michael Marks on Feb 01, 2018

180131 Wednesday Meeting at the Michener

  • Wow!  What a room!  Stunning backdrop.  See pictures below. 
  • Plus museum tours to boot 
    • The dog and horse paintings at the country club are nice, but this was quite a nice aesthetic change of pace ;).

The museum's art director welcomed us

  • She wanted us to spread the word throughout the community and bring in business sponsors
  • "Art is good for business."
  • There will be a business partner membership event on May 5th.  

Allen then kicked off the meeting for the group.  


  • Lyndsay. Carolyn Sorossi.  She and her husband own the CGR Games boutique.  
  • Gail. Michael Markowitz. Owner of Hickory Kitchen.  
    • Whereas I am apparently now Michael Marks(not-owitz).


  • Max: $1000 cash prize for bringing in a host family for exchange student from Thailand.  
  • Designer house is set for May 3rd.  8 people maximum is confirmed. 
  • Interact dog biscuit sale the Saturday from 10-2 at the pet store by the Acme.  

Museum (Speed) Tour featuring the works of Henriette Wyeth.

  • Tour guide did a lovely job albeit at 3x her normal speed.  Art history in 20 minutes...go. 
  • Henriette (on-rhee-ette to those in the know ;) was apparently a child painting prodigy.  Talent ran in the family certainly, but...
  • She made a living painting portraits of local aristocrats at the tender age of only 15!  That is impressive.
  • Not a particularly happy family seemingly.  Portraits are quite good but every face has the same grim countenance.  Bit of a stretch but your are is an expression of your soul, and their souls seemed quite stoic and serious.  My two cents albeit worth maybe half of one cent at best... 


  • Tasty finger food.
  • Interesting option for future meetings versus a larger and more expensive full course meal.


  • Ooh that was good. 
  • Cookie tray as a Rotary meeting norm? 
    • One vote for yes!

The Room

  • More, please. 
  • I'd like to live there.  Drafty but worth the view.
  • Yes I am talking to their event specialist to see how we can frequent there more often! ;)
  • Goodwill, culture and beauty.  What a combination...

Events Calendar

  • I need your help...
  • If you know of an upcoming participatory event (Car, Show, 4WT, Interact, Volunteer, Home Building, etc), please forward the date and details to me.
  • I am trying to put together a comprehensive events calendar beyond the T/W meetings.  
  • I may email you this same message, though I know this group, and given past history the Reply All's will approach infinity and push my levels of sanity beyond the point of no return.

Great seeing everyone last night.  Looking forward to seeing you next week.