Posted by Mark Hoffman on Aug 15, 2017
On Tuesday, August 15th, the Sun Risers were joined by two visiting teachers from Zhenjiang China, the city where Pearl Buck lived 18 years.   The teachers are here as part of a cultural visit and home stay experience for eight students from the school.  Pearl Buck actually attended the same school the students attend and later served as a teacher at the school after graduation from college.  The students are experiencing family life, our culture and, of course, sightseeing. Following this first week with local families, the group of students and teachers will travel to Washington DC and New York City.   Many thanks to Rotarian Janet Mintzer, President & CEO of Pearl S. Buck International, for coordinating our time this morning with our guests.  We had a wonderful conversation about their school and education in China.  
In photo (left to right):  Shanming Zhao, Janet Mintzer, Zhuzhu Pan)