Posted by Michael Marks on Feb 08, 2018

Good attendance albeit poor weather :)

  • Angela, our exchange student from Spain, recently moved to a new host family. Amanda and Scott Fisher.
  • She is braving not only the Eagles parade, but also trying our for track and field.   
  • Peace Conference - Gail is currently attending this in Vancouver.  Cant wait to hear about that.  
  • End of March - the last Wednesday, we'll be hosting a special program with Doylestown Hospital and VIA. 
  • Dues are due! :).
  • There is a significant backlog - please open the email from Peter and go on the website to pay the bill. 
  • Don't just check your current balance, but go back to see if you have any back dues.
  • Not fun but not that hard really.
  • We really don’t want to perp walk anyone out of the Country Club ;) Unseemly. 
  • Our club is close to winning a Governor's Citation, Allen share per news from  John Ortolf. 

Lindsay’s Classification Speech

  • We have to applaud Lindsay's diligence, with her finding a Rotary template on classification speech topics to address. Well done!
  • Born at home on Halloween at Keystone farms, which her great grandparents started In the 1800s. 
  • Family recently restarted the farm at Wycombe Vineyards a few years ago. 
  • First job was at a think tank in Pittsburgh. Very cool first job.  
  • Worked at a design agency briefly but started her own business at 22.
  • Not a 9-5 profession.  Creative work.  Need to love it.  CLuckily she does.  
  • A lot of SMB clients supported by a 30-40 person agency.
  • She still does her family’s farm’s ads, site and marketing :). 
  • Side note - she brought the rum her family makes to the Michener and it was quite good.



  • Allen shared that a Native American Mobile Health Clinic project has been approved by  the BOD.  Of note is that Joann’s family has donated to that effort given her mother’s deep interest in Native American culture.