Posted by Michael Marks on May 03, 2018
Great turnout this week!  Great speaker as well. 
Felt like a summer meeting at 90 degrees.  Love summer nights in May though!  Apparently we skipped spring this year. 
Editor's Note: If you ever see me on my cell phone during our meetings, which is often, I am taking these notes not texting ;)
  • This past weekend – Boro Dam Fish Derby – thanks to Don and Pat for branding it with flags and pins, Keith and Holly and 2 Interact students for serving the community
  • Also, this past weekend, the District Conference in Reading. Allen, Johnny O, Inge and Gail attended, along with Angela and 3 Interact students. Eight from Doylestown!
  • Morning Meeting – Dr. Marian Mass – a chop doctor who is determined to route out the waste in our healthcare system. $425 for a bag of saline? The bag costs $.15! Look for the 60 minutes special on this and for her to speak to the evening meeting soon
  • Tomorrow night – Rotarians are volunteering at the Designer House. 8-10 of us.
  • Boro Dam Fishing Derby is May 12th. 8 am-4 pm.  Please come out to cook burgers and dogs!
  • Also, District Training for Officers and Directors is May 12th at DeSales College. Our club will reimburse the cost of this.
  • Morning Meeting – Doylestown Health
  • Evening meeting next week – Grameen Foundation with Bob Eichfeld introducing it
  • May 7, John Gillhor
  • May 8, Mark Hoffman
  • May 11th, Michael Marks
  • Matt Jones
  • GM of Poverty Resolutions, a non profit helping children and families in Haiti
  • I was touched by Matt's origin story, leaving a Penn State MDA, with a wife and child, to go to Haiti to help out.  old move and all the more impressive to pursue helping others versus himself.  
  • In 2010, 200,000 people died in Haiti out of 10 million people. 
    • On a lighter note, Matt noted that Haiti is about the same size as New Jersey, but nicer!  As a Jersey guy, he is banned from Jersey, though I imagine he has only seen it from the turnpike between exits 7 and 13.  Since Matt is saving children, I will give him a pass this time (but never an EZPass as he is still banned ;)
  • People live in Haiti on only a dollar a day. Matt and his colleagues lived in that as well. 
    • Puts you in Survival mode. Make it to tomorrow. 
    • Drains your physical and mental energy. 
  • Heartbreaking to have a hungry child you literally cannot feed.  
  • Orphanages in Haiti
    • One on ten kids do not live with their parents. 
      • Most have a living parent who simply cannot care for them.  
    • Broken families perpetuate the cycle of poverty.  
    • How do you drop off one or some of your kids to an orphanage since you can’t feed them?
  • Only 20% of kids go to school.  
    • End up without a job. 
    • Have a kid. 
    • Kid ends up in orphanage. 
    • Cycle continues. 
  • They try to keep families together and take care of the kids within the parental homes.  
    • Opportunity for families to work 
    • Bring hope and opportunity to allow an education and enough food to get through and medicine to keep you healthy.  
    • Feed 200 meals a day for kids only
    • Educate 150 kids. 
  • Making a difference.  To some if not all.  
  • Also teaching adults to see and learning English.  Perhaps get a job.  
  • Opportunities to serve.
    • Make a trip. 
    • 300 volunteers a year.  
    • Holding babies. 
    • Help with medical queue. 
    • Build a home.  
  • Done this for the last eight years.  Others also.  
  • Lives are being changed.  
  • Goals in 2018: 
    • Double their Impact.
      • Build a larger kitchen.
      • Add a second school building. 
      • Add a basketball court and playground.  
  • 7 people work with Matt in the US.  50 people do most fo the day to day live in Haiti.   
  • Supported by individuals and some foundations.  
  • Why not Apply for a Rotary International grant?!