Posted by Michael Marks on Apr 26, 2018

Well done Janet and all those involved with the 4WTB event.  Wonderful way to start a day.   

I took some notes and published them below, and thank you Bruce for taking the pictures during the event, but Janet's heartfelt summary is a great way to start today's story:


The Ninth Annual Four Way Test Breakfast was a great success today and a proud moment for our club, thanks to many people. We honored 7 community leaders, 3 high school students and our POWER COUPLE Pat & Don Rider, designated our club's Rotarian(s) of the Year by Allen Childs. At the same time, we promoted the ideals of Rotary and donated $35,500 to nonprofit organizations, serving an even larger population. We enjoyed a great turnout today with over 200 guests in attendance, including our PA State Representative Marguerite Quinn, County Commissioner Rob Loughery, and our District Governor.   

I hope everyone feels proud to be a member of Doylestown Rotary. 

Our work was divided among many hands. I especially want to thank Karen Lasorda who has co-chaired this event with me for 9 years and does so much to make it a success. Karen was responsible for all corporate sponsorships, ads, and registration. This was a tremendous responsibility, as the key to our success is generating sponsors and advertisers. Special thanks to Linda McCrillis who coordinated all of our honorees and Inge Stannik for stepping up to organize the high schools student essay contest.

Also, thank you to Gene Houck for coordinating the raffle at the last minute, and Bill Shoffler for organizing our community grant process again this year. We had an amazing committee which included Allen Childs, Bob Clemente, Gail Linenberg, Jim Dowling, Linda DeMario, Pat Rider, and Robert Ainey all who contributed to make the event a success. And special thanks to Max for lugging the flags over last night and helping with set up, and Angela Sanchez, our exchange student, who assisted Linda in distributing the awards.  

THANK YOU all for attending or contributing to the event as a sponsor, advertiser, by paying for the cost of the breakfast, nominating our honorees, and bringing your friends. What a wonderful day! 

We will have our wrap up meeting next Wednesday May 2nd at 4:30 pm at the Club. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them my way or join us at the wrap up meeting. By that time, we should know how much money we raised as well.

Tonight, we can all enjoy a relaxing Wednesday night at home. Janet

With gratitude,

Janet Mintzer
Rotary Club of Doylestown


Some more details of what transpired during our speaker- and heart- filled morning: 

  • Speakers:
    • Sharon - Some heartfelt tears from Linda to Sharon :) for their work with Roxy Therapy dogs. Over 100 volunteers helping local children!  They are paid in goosebump moments, which is priceless. Daughter Maddi is 15 and is also dedicated to the organization.  
    • Mira - Continuing her famous father’s wood work and workshop ... started in 1940 then incarcerated in 1942 and came to Bucks in 1943.  Second lives of the trees used in handmade furniture and skilled workmanship in a fast paced digital age. 
    • Joan - Chairman of the Board of Doylestown Hospital/Health System. Big Sister with a lifelong friendship.  Also Chairman for the Village Improvement Association in Doylestown.  Now focusing on Opioid addiction.  
    • Jack - Bringing people together through music at Del Val University.  Been in Doylestown for twenty years.  Sees the arts as an vehicle for enriching and bonding people in the community.  
    • Tom - Doylestown Fire Company Security Officer.  47 years of experience and service to the community.  Have to be grateful for that. 
    • Larry - Rotary Service Award.  For his repeated work done for the Rotary organization for the 500+ vehicle Doylestown Car Show. 
    • High School essay winners.  Chris, Gabriella and Amanda.  Chris read his winning essay and and garnered a standing ovation afterwards
  • Pictures​​​​​​​​​​​​​​