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We are honored to welcome Ken Snyder as our latest new member!  Ken (center in photo) was inducted at our June 20th evening meeting, by Membership Chair Bob Tessier (on right in photo)!  Ken is a retired Pharma executive and currently serves as a Doylestown Township Supervisor!  Ken's membership brings our Club total to 85, adding 10 new members over the last year!
We also welcomed visiting Rotarian, Captain Shafi, from Bangledesh, seen here in the photo with Allen!  We are honored to have Captain Shafi visit on ocasions, and have partnered with his Rotary Club on grant projects in the past!
We also celebrated the Club's successful Rotary year in a presentation by Allen Childs, Club President.  He announced the Club earned the prestigious District Governor's Award for its accomplishments over the last year. 
We not only launched our new Young Professional membership category, the 2017 Doylestown at Dusk Car Show was the best ever, as was The 2018 Four Way Test Breakfast in honoring our great community!  In addition, our Club's total philanthropy exceeded $66,000, including $32,000 to local community organizations, and $12,000 for scholarships for local students!
Congratulations to our members for another fantastic Rotary year!


Roxy Therapy Dog Founder, Sharon Fleck, spoke to the June 13th, 2018 evening meeting about why dogs are so effective as therapy dogs. Research shows that the ability to have a long eye-to-eye connection increases the oxytocin levels in both dogs and humans. The symbiotic relationship we have lowers our blood pressure and reduces our heart beats, but makes the dogs feel good, too. Pictured with Sharon is Past-President Amy Parenti, on the left.

On June 13th, two women from our monthly "Young Professionals Meet-up" joined the Club. Pictured are Lyndsay Frazer, left, who sponsored Alexandria Nocella, and Bob Tessier, who sponsored Darby Codd. The new members both work for Shared Support, a private NP that assists those with developmental disabilities to live more independently. We are so pleased to have them join us!


At the 2018 Memorial Day Parade - the 150th year of the parade - Rotarians drove our oldest Veterans in Fred Beans Mustangs and marched on foot behind Max Rose and Ed Suarez. Interact Facilitator (and member) Inge Stannik represented the Interact Club with one of the club members. Close to 20% of our members appeared in the parade, in some capacity!

Ellen Green presented at our Wednesday evening meeting on the launch of the 1st Annual Bucks Book Fest to be held in Downtown Doylestown, this Fall on October 13th & 14th!  Two fun filled days of events, authors, readings, book signings and workshops for people of all ages!  Check out the Bucks Book Fest website at  to learn more.  Ellen included a showing of the newly produced video about the Book Fest which can be viewed at
Ellen thanked Club members from JCarroll Malloy Realtor and Monument Bank for their pledge of support for the inaugural year of the Bucks Book Fest!
JoAnn Perotti received a Paul Harris Fellow award at our Sunrise Meeting, May 15th, for her leadership of our Club's strategic planning initiative!  JoAnn is pictured here with President Elect Gail Linenberg and President Allen Childs.  "JoAnn's expertise in leading this type of project really paid off for us as she organized our engagement of our membership and our community to craft our plan for our Rotary Club's vitality, impact and growth over the next handful of years," explained Allen as he recognized JoAnn with the honor.  JoAnn is the Director of Strategic Services for Bucks County Intermediate Unit, and past recipient of our Rotary Club's Four Way Test Award!
Great turnout this week!  Great speaker as well. 
Felt like a summer meeting at 90 degrees.  Love summer nights in May though!  Apparently we skipped spring this year. 
Editor's Note: If you ever see me on my cell phone during our meetings, which is often, I am taking these notes not texting ;)
  • This past weekend – Boro Dam Fish Derby – thanks to Don and Pat for branding it with flags and pins, Keith and Holly and 2 Interact students for serving the community
  • Also, this past weekend, the District Conference in Reading. Allen, Johnny O, Inge and Gail attended, along with Angela and 3 Interact students. Eight from Doylestown!
  • Morning Meeting – Dr. Marian Mass – a chop doctor who is determined to route out the waste in our healthcare system. $425 for a bag of saline? The bag costs $.15! Look for the 60 minutes special on this and for her to speak to the evening meeting soon
  • Tomorrow night – Rotarians are volunteering at the Designer House. 8-10 of us.
  • Boro Dam Fishing Derby is May 12th. 8 am-4 pm.  Please come out to cook burgers and dogs!
  • Also, District Training for Officers and Directors is May 12th at DeSales College. Our club will reimburse the cost of this.
  • Morning Meeting – Doylestown Health
  • Evening meeting next week – Grameen Foundation with Bob Eichfeld introducing it
  • May 7, John Gillhor
  • May 8, Mark Hoffman
  • May 11th, Michael Marks
  • Matt Jones
  • GM of Poverty Resolutions, a non profit helping children and families in Haiti
  • I was touched by Matt's origin story, leaving a Penn State MDA, with a wife and child, to go to Haiti to help out.  old move and all the more impressive to pursue helping others versus himself.  
  • In 2010, 200,000 people died in Haiti out of 10 million people. 
    • On a lighter note, Matt noted that Haiti is about the same size as New Jersey, but nicer!  As a Jersey guy, he is banned from Jersey, though I imagine he has only seen it from the turnpike between exits 7 and 13.  Since Matt is saving children, I will give him a pass this time (but never an EZPass as he is still banned ;)
  • People live in Haiti on only a dollar a day. Matt and his colleagues lived in that as well. 
    • Puts you in Survival mode. Make it to tomorrow. 
    • Drains your physical and mental energy. 
  • Heartbreaking to have a hungry child you literally cannot feed.  
  • Orphanages in Haiti
    • One on ten kids do not live with their parents. 
      • Most have a living parent who simply cannot care for them.  
    • Broken families perpetuate the cycle of poverty.  
    • How do you drop off one or some of your kids to an orphanage since you can’t feed them?
  • Only 20% of kids go to school.  
    • End up without a job. 
    • Have a kid. 
    • Kid ends up in orphanage. 
    • Cycle continues. 
  • They try to keep families together and take care of the kids within the parental homes.  
    • Opportunity for families to work 
    • Bring hope and opportunity to allow an education and enough food to get through and medicine to keep you healthy.  
    • Feed 200 meals a day for kids only
    • Educate 150 kids. 
  • Making a difference.  To some if not all.  
  • Also teaching adults to see and learning English.  Perhaps get a job.  
  • Opportunities to serve.
    • Make a trip. 
    • 300 volunteers a year.  
    • Holding babies. 
    • Help with medical queue. 
    • Build a home.  
  • Done this for the last eight years.  Others also.  
  • Lives are being changed.  
  • Goals in 2018: 
    • Double their Impact.
      • Build a larger kitchen.
      • Add a second school building. 
      • Add a basketball court and playground.  
  • 7 people work with Matt in the US.  50 people do most fo the day to day live in Haiti.   
  • Supported by individuals and some foundations.  
  • Why not Apply for a Rotary International grant?!
At Fishing Derby #2 for Veterans and the Handicapped, the fish were caught by surprise to find the head and hands of a person reaching for them through the fog.  Our next opportunity for service is May 12th, from 8-4, at the Boro Dam. 
Keith Cianfrani with his sweetheart, Holly (whom we hope will become a Rotarian sometime soon), pitched in to cook dogs and burgers all day, for the folks fishing around the pond.
CB West students who are members of the Interact Club, a high school version of Rotary, came to offer their service and smiles, as well. Photos captured by Rotarians of the Year, Don and Pat Rider.

Well done Janet and all those involved with the 4WTB event.  Wonderful way to start a day.   

I took some notes and published them below, and thank you Bruce for taking the pictures during the event, but Janet's heartfelt summary is a great way to start today's story:


The Ninth Annual Four Way Test Breakfast was a great success today and a proud moment for our club, thanks to many people. We honored 7 community leaders, 3 high school students and our POWER COUPLE Pat & Don Rider, designated our club's Rotarian(s) of the Year by Allen Childs. At the same time, we promoted the ideals of Rotary and donated $35,500 to nonprofit organizations, serving an even larger population. We enjoyed a great turnout today with over 200 guests in attendance, including our PA State Representative Marguerite Quinn, County Commissioner Rob Loughery, and our District Governor.   

I hope everyone feels proud to be a member of Doylestown Rotary. 

Our work was divided among many hands. I especially want to thank Karen Lasorda who has co-chaired this event with me for 9 years and does so much to make it a success. Karen was responsible for all corporate sponsorships, ads, and registration. This was a tremendous responsibility, as the key to our success is generating sponsors and advertisers. Special thanks to Linda McCrillis who coordinated all of our honorees and Inge Stannik for stepping up to organize the high schools student essay contest.

Also, thank you to Gene Houck for coordinating the raffle at the last minute, and Bill Shoffler for organizing our community grant process again this year. We had an amazing committee which included Allen Childs, Bob Clemente, Gail Linenberg, Jim Dowling, Linda DeMario, Pat Rider, and Robert Ainey all who contributed to make the event a success. And special thanks to Max for lugging the flags over last night and helping with set up, and Angela Sanchez, our exchange student, who assisted Linda in distributing the awards.  

THANK YOU all for attending or contributing to the event as a sponsor, advertiser, by paying for the cost of the breakfast, nominating our honorees, and bringing your friends. What a wonderful day! 

We will have our wrap up meeting next Wednesday May 2nd at 4:30 pm at the Club. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them my way or join us at the wrap up meeting. By that time, we should know how much money we raised as well.

Tonight, we can all enjoy a relaxing Wednesday night at home. Janet

With gratitude,

Janet Mintzer
Rotary Club of Doylestown


Some more details of what transpired during our speaker- and heart- filled morning: 

  • Speakers:
    • Sharon - Some heartfelt tears from Linda to Sharon :) for their work with Roxy Therapy dogs. Over 100 volunteers helping local children!  They are paid in goosebump moments, which is priceless. Daughter Maddi is 15 and is also dedicated to the organization.  
    • Mira - Continuing her famous father’s wood work and workshop ... started in 1940 then incarcerated in 1942 and came to Bucks in 1943.  Second lives of the trees used in handmade furniture and skilled workmanship in a fast paced digital age. 
    • Joan - Chairman of the Board of Doylestown Hospital/Health System. Big Sister with a lifelong friendship.  Also Chairman for the Village Improvement Association in Doylestown.  Now focusing on Opioid addiction.  
    • Jack - Bringing people together through music at Del Val University.  Been in Doylestown for twenty years.  Sees the arts as an vehicle for enriching and bonding people in the community.  
    • Tom - Doylestown Fire Company Security Officer.  47 years of experience and service to the community.  Have to be grateful for that. 
    • Larry - Rotary Service Award.  For his repeated work done for the Rotary organization for the 500+ vehicle Doylestown Car Show. 
    • High School essay winners.  Chris, Gabriella and Amanda.  Chris read his winning essay and and garnered a standing ovation afterwards
  • Pictures​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

180419 YP Meeting

  • Great initial meeting! Even with some nice April hail coming down before the meeting!
  • 7 potential new members and close to that many Rotarians (Allen, Bob, Lyndsay, Mike, Don, Peter) showed up for support.
  • The young professionals that showed up were enthusiastic and engaged.
  • 4 or so are from same company that is already doing socially responsible work - helping find jobs for folks with intellectual and/or psychological challenges.   They are keen to help drive this YP initiative and participate.
  • Much networking and general discussion.  
  • The participative “solve the problem” groups exercise proved engaging as well, asking how you would solve real Rotary scenarios.  
  • Great job Lyndsay and Bob putting that together.  
Evening Meeting Notes
  • 4WTB is next Wednesday!
  • Car show coming! Looking for sponsors.  
    • 49 of 50 VIP slots sold within the first two hours online!
  • 200th anniversary of county oak tree planting. 
    • Our $5k donation will allow concrete patio as well as a bench with plaque. 
    • You can buy a tree for $200. 
    • Right now we have 12 1/2 trees! - we need another $100 for that sad sapling ;) 
  • 2nd Fishing Derby is April 28th 8-4pm - for seniors and disabled vets and as always children.  
  • Our first Young Professionals Meetup is being held on April 20th from 6-7pm at MOM’s upstairs. 
    • Thanks to Bob and Lyndsay for their hard work on this.
Tonight's Speaker
  • Kris Boger
    • Of Discover Doylestown and also Mind Your Design. 
    • She is one busy woman about town...
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Flower Baskets: done with Del Val college and borough.  
      • Doylestown 5k race: May 26th. Over 800 runners.  Super hero capes for fun runners :). 
      • Clean Up Day:  June 10th and August 19th.  Collected one ton of trash last year. 
      • Arts Festival:   September 8-9th. Applications close Friday. 
      • Art Week:  September 2-7th before the arts festival.  Local museums and year long attractions 
      • BookFest:  October 13-14. Writers workshops and author signings.  
Happy Birthday to our April birthdays including Gail and Pat :)
New Rotarian Gene Houck entertained us with his classification speech, sharing the startling discovery of a 4th child, through  It turns out that being a sperm donor can have its surprises - a welcome one, in this case. Gene married his high school sweetheart and they had three children together. Sadly, they lost a son to opiod addiction ten years ago. Gene currently works as a mortgage loan officer and said that he uses the Four Way Test every day.
Past President Rich Newman was honored with his 7th Paul Harris pin and we are honored to have such a generous Rotarian among us.
Assistant District Governor, John Ortolf, illustrated how our club could take a $5000 grant and turn it into a $50,000 one. His approach was perfectly pitched, since that is what our club is doing to fund a mobile clinic for the Navaho tribe in New Mexico, with help from the ANA and other Rotary Clubs.  John also explained how with an $85/month donation to the Rotary Foundation, we can all become major donors in just ten years. Since the Rotary Foundation is one of the top rated charities in the world, this makes financial sense for the philanthropically motivated in our club. At least five of us signed up!
What is Rotary? We are ordinary people working together to accomplish the extra ordinary.

The Rotary Club of Doylestown is a volunteer service organization whose members donate their time and resources to help others in the community and throughout the world. Join us and discover the spirit of Rotary.

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Kristen Bell - This Close to Ending Polio

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The Four Way Test is the key to being a Rotarian. It reminds us that we practice high ethical standards in our everyday lives. We believe that if we can promote The Four Way Test to our community it will benefit all of us.

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