Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

November 26, 2007

Rotary Shares


Call to Order:   President Elect Greg MacDonald

National Anthem :  Julio Batres

Toast to the Queen and Canada: Don Beard

Grace: Rich Cavers


Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

Norris Brown  introduced  Kitty cairns of the University Women's Club and Chris Lowes representing the District 7090 Earlyact committee



Brian Radford  serving as Sergeant-at-Arms fined the editor and sometimes sergeant Ian Forbes for the cost of vehicle maintenance. happy dollars were given by Don B., Tom S., Jim H., Ian, and Greg for the great day last Wednesday in the Rotary Curling day. Special kudos from all for Jim Howes efforts in organizing the event. Brian collected several other happy dollars....



Acting President Greg reminded everyone that next week's meeting is at 12 noon sharp at Kernahan park. Please see the website registration notice and please come out and support our CRYSIS efforts.


Greg also reminded us of the Christmas Luncheon and Coat project. Register online and start bringing in the coats. The challenge is for 100 coats and it's getting cold outside!


Greg next updated the "Every rotarian every year" effort championed by Paul Massuet. Three more cheques came in today.


Laetitia de Witt invited Kitty Cairns of the University Women's Club to accept a cheque from our club in support of their club's literacy project. Kitty thanked us and gave some details as to how they siource books and who they go to. Sounds like they do a great job and as both Laetitia and Greg pointed out, it is a good fit for our role in Rotary. Photo by Ed Telenko


50/50 draw - Chris Lowes drew Greg Macdonald's number but Greg could not draw the Queen of Hearts! A special draw was held and winners included Peter, Don, Norris, Rich, Brian and guest Kitty.


Guest Speaker


Today we had Chris Lowes from Fonthill, representing the District, speak on EarlyAct, a Rotary sponsored program for Elementary School students. Chris used a powerpoint presentation to outline what has been accomplished by the Fonthill Rotary Club at A.K. Wigg Elementary School in Fonthill and how we could go about setting up one on our own. He then challenged us to start thinking about champions from our club to get it started. Dan Toparri and Ron Kozub bravely took the challenge and will be looking into the possibilities.


Chris provided us with a summary of the why's and how's of forming a EarlyAct Club, some of which is shown below but your editor has added the links to the 7090 District website for complete details and photos.


Please enrich your understanding of this program by clickcing on this link:



EarlyActT is a school-wide service club for elementary students from ages 5 to 13. It is sponsored by one of the local Rotary clubs in the township in which the school is located. The mission and operation of EarlyActT are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary and provide the foundation and natural succession into Interact.

EarlyActT provides young students the opportunity for gaining an increased awareness and knowledge of their community and the world. At a young age, all students can easily be encouraged to be caring and helpful. Their minds are open to recognize the dignity and worth of each individual which builds respect for others.

EarlyActT also engages students in character-building activities and prepares them for leadership roles to identify and carry out projects which benefit their school, local and global communities.

Chris was capably thanked by Ron Kozub.