Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

March 16, 2009


O  Canada: Jean Holbert-Leighton

Toast to Queen Elizabeth and to Canada: Sheila Bristo

Grace: Brian Radford


Sargeant at Arms:John D'Ambrosio

     John K. is happy that the economy is "booming"

     Bob M.- is happy that his Italian barber made his hair look like "Elvis"

     Cathy H. is happy that the carpet she picked up from Carpet Emporium for the silent auction table is beautiful and  is hers!!

      Najeeb S. is happy that his food bank is over until next November

      Don B. is happy that he was out on his motorbike yesterday

      Greg M. is happy that the new Club banner is up. The old one will be kept for posterity


Announcements: Greg McDonald

A)     the club assembly will be next week at Dom's. 5:30 Fellowship, 5:30 dinner

B)      June announced that we need to push tickets and auction items- the deadline for the auction items is April 20th.    

C)      Jean announced that she would like to get as much early information as possible for the tickets- 66 sold so far

D)     Cathy announced that there were still some center pieces available for $50.00 plus product. The acceptance of this new initiative from local businesses is very good

E)      Ron K announced that there were some envelopes left from members that were no longer with the club- the list of their auction items were available if anyone wanted to ask their previous donors.


Early Leavers: Sheila B, John K and Keith S.


Guests(3): Amy Ellerbush from Sunrise Club, Pastor Pam Guette (guest speaker) and her husband, Robert, from St. James Anglican Church-


50/50 Draw: Norris Brown but no cigar!!!! The lady is still in the deck.


Guest Speaker: Pam Guette from St. James Anglican Church in  Merriton.

Pastor Pam spoke of her history- from growing up in America, retiring as a Staff Sargeant from the American Military becoming an Air Traffic controller at Fort Bragge to coming to Canada, going back to university at age 45 to get her degree in Divinity and being ordained in 2003. She likened her upbringing and all of us to the four way Rotary test- she felt that it was a good motto for everyone to live by .John K. thanked her.


Attendance:   Ron K.

21 members, 11 make ups for 100% plus.


Greg M. adjourned the meeting