Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

February 11, 2008

Rotary Shares


Call to Order : President June Manning

Anthem : John Klassen

Toast: Matt Taylor

Grace: Laetitia deWitt


Guests and Visiting Rotarians: John welcomed Roy Hardman and Marion Ross from the Child Advocacy Centre.  They will speak later



Keith Shaver was SAA. Ross Elliott thanked the club for their well wishes and is happy to be back. George noted he was happy to see Ross back. John is also happy that Ross is back. Julio was happy to meet a lot of Rotarians at a recent event.  Bob and Laetitia are happy to be leaving on a trip to South Africa soon. Jim noted he was happy to see Ross.  Sheila is happy that Bingo was successful on Feb 9.  Thanks to Debbie, Paul and Ian-we were $1.15 over with 260 in attendance.  Sheila is happy to be going to Cuba. Greg attended a very good PETS meeting and is happy about an upcoming ski trip. June attended the meeting of the new Board and indicated the club will be in good hands. John thanked Greg and his wife Sandy for their hospitality at the meeting of the new Board. Keith is happy to see Ross.


Announcements : June reported that Take it to Heart has a sponsor to support and advertise the event.  Performance Cars is donating $250K.  The Board will meet Feb. 15 at the Golf Club at 7:30.  There is no Rotary Meeting Feb 18 due to Family Day.   Feb 25 is a Club Assembly at Coppola"s Restaurant on Carlton St. at 6pm.  There will be an hour social with dinner at 7pm. The joint Rotary meeting will be held Apr 2 and our club is hosting. There is a Donation Committee meeting Feb 19 at 7:15.


Laetitia read a letter from Family and Children's Services thanking the cub for donating books as part of the Literacy program.  Ron is updating the roster; send any new information to Ross. Julio announced a Gala meeting Feb 15 at 7:30 am at the Golf Club. June announced that George's mother passed away.  Our condolences go to George and his family.


50/50 Draw:   Don Beard drew the nine of diamonds


Early Leavers:  Norris


Guest Speaker: Paul Monaghan introduced Roy Hardman Chair of the Child Advocacy Centre Niagara (CACN).

Roy is a past Rotarian with our club.  He is a graduate of Queens, worked at Atlas Steel and currently owns Beckland Associates and Beckland Security Inc.  He was born and raised in Port Colbourne.


Roy thanked the club for inviting him to the meeting. Roy noted that it is difficult to imagine the numbers of child abuse cases in Niagara.  There were 3,500 cases investigated, 708 were physical, 343 were sexual abuse. The stats of one in three girls and one in five boys will experience abuse is unfortunately true.  The CACN is based on a Huntsville Alabama model, which focuses on the needs of the children experiencing abuse all at one site. The mission statement of the agency was shared.  Currently children involved in abuse cases are required to go through at least seven different interviews after the abuse has been reported.  This experience is difficult on the child and is based on an adult service model, as it the justice system.  This experience adds further trauma on the child.


CACN is a mutli disciplinary team where allegations are investigated in a safe warm place through fewer interviews. The professionals come to the child, which reduces the secondary trauma when they make disclosure. This makes it easier for the child and the goal is to get down to one interview as opposed to seven. The team contacts the caregiver and tells them of the process that the child will experience when they arrive at the center.  The child will be with one CACN person throughout the entire process.  Video and audio will be used and other agencies will be in a room observing the interview to ensure all of the questions are asked.  The team consists of a NRPS officer, a Family and Children's Services protection service worker, a doctor, nurse, mental health professional and the CACN co-ordinator.


This model will enhance the treatment for the child.  The outcomes will increase, flow of information will increase there will be an increase and a sharing of cross training, and will reduce the number of traumatic interactions for the child. Number of successful prosecutions will increase. In the USA, they experience a 90% conviction rate, 60-90% increase in confession rates an increase in plea bargains and a reduction of children going to court. The time to trial has been reduced from 18 to 6 months.


The CACN will be located at 8 Forester in St. Cathatines and has a regional mandate.  Renovations are occurring.  The Centre was purchased, is now gutted and being renovated.  The total capital goal is $750K and to date they have raised $600K. The target is to open in June.  The Board Members were identified.  Debbie Zimmerman is the campaign chair; Wendy Southhall is the Honorary Chair.   Family and Children's Centre is a partner. 


Marion Ross Chair of Events Committee outlined the many events to raise funds for the Centre. The Events Committee is focusing on events as opposed to broad fundraising.  The centre is looking for volunteers to assist with the events. They have had golf tournaments, BBQs, an event at the Moose and Goose, which attracted energetic young people, the NRPS golf tournament proceeds will be shared with the Centre as well as Tender Wishes.  There is a paintball tournament and the dinner theatre at Port Mansion on March 20 will have proceeds go toward the Centre.


In Summary CACN is asking the community to work together to build this centre to serve the most vulnerable members of our community. There are two goals of the Centre-to decrease trauma and increase conviction rates. There will be a focus on advocacy and identifying at risk children.  The club was thanked for the opportunity to speak, for its awareness and contributions.


Questions were asked and answered.  June thanked the guests for attending today and for providing updates to the club.  The Centre was congratulated on the building and we look forward to future updates.


Attendance :  Keith noted 25 people in attendance with 11 make-ups for 105% attendance.