Welcome and Meeting Called to Order

Past President Sheila Bristo welcomed everyone to the meeting and to Rotary Fellowship month.

National Anthem led by Kris Akilie

Toast to Queen & Canada led by Justin O'Donnell

Peace Invocation led by Jeff Thomas

Everyone enjoyed fellowship and lunch and the meeting re-convened at 12:30 p.m.

Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians by Kris Akilie

Shelly Mousseau, Gateway Residential & Community Support Services of Niagara, our Guest Speaker.

Sergeant-at-Arms by Jeff Thomas

Sheila congratulated Rob Welch on receving a Lifetime of Service to Canadian Secondary School Rowing Award and Laura Dominick for completing the Women’s Half Marathon in Niagara Falls yesterday.

Happy dollars collected from: Laura Dominick, Jim Howes, John Teibert, Najeeb Syed, Paul Monaghan, Graham Repei, Donna Cunningham.

Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

It is Ron Kozub’s birthday June 7th and Jim Howes June 13th.  

Characteristics of people born in June - You instinctively know that change is necessary for growth, and you go through many transformations in your life time. You like to be prepared for the unknown and often plan ahead. You are not only hard working, you feel at your best when you are responsible and committed. You are creative and unique in the ways you express yourself.

Happy Birthday was sung to Jim Howes - many happy returns, Jim!

50/50 Draw

We’re looking for the Black Ace again.  Jim Howes had the winning ticket, but was unlucky in drawing the cards. The pot grows!


Jim Hooper’s father (Cathy - Our condolences to Jim Hooper on the passing of his father. The funeral will be held in Sault Ste Marie.

June 7th Bingo (John Teibert) - Our next bingo is June 7th and June 22nd. If you can help out, please let John know.

June 9th District Governor Changeover & Club Awards Luncheon (Sheila) - 12 Noon at Salvatore's Italian Gardens. 6461 Transit Road, Depew, Buffalo, NY. Come celebrate our Club's Citation plus our joint Peace through Service project with other St. Catharines clubs. $35 per person. Cash Bar. 12 Noon start. Buffet lunch 12:30 p.m. John, Cathy, and Roseanne will be car pooling if anyone else would like to go.

June 11th Member Social at the Port Dalhousie Yacht Club (Tom) - An evening of fellowship and fun! 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Port Dalhousie Yacht Club. $25 per person (children $6). Taxes and gratuities included. Cash Bar. Friend and family welcome. Tom will be sending an email from Club Runner for registrations, but the show of hands was fantastic!

June 17th Rotary Medals (John D'Ambrosio) - 12 Noon. Join us in recognizing accomplished students from Denis Morris, Eden, Kernahan Park, Sir Winston, Thorold, and West Park Secondary Schools. This is always an amazing meeting and very inspiring to see such wonderful, bright students.

June 24th Member Recognition & Club Celebration (Sheila) - 12 Noon. Please join us in celebrating a wonderful year!

Update on Car Rally (Cathy Henry) -  So far a profit of $11,500. Debi will check on final bills etc. A thank you letter will be posted for everyone that obtained a sponsor or donor for the prize table-  please  personalize and deliver to all donors.

District Facebook Campaign Results (Sheila) –  This past year, our Rotary club participated in the District 7090 Facebook campaign. The District-paid program promoted our facebook page posts so that we could grow our friend base. The goal of the campaign is membership recruitment. The results from the District campaign are posted below. Congratulations to the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South for being the top club in our district during this campaign! The next District PR social media campaign will resume early in the new Rotary year.  


Early Leavers

Laura Dominick, Najeeb Syed, Justin O'Donnell, and Jeff Thomas.

Introduction of our Guest Speaker, Shelly Mousseau, Gateway Community Support Services by Graham Repei

Shelley Mousseau was born in Hamilton and is now living in Niagara and works in Resource and Development for Gateway Community Support Services.

Gateway provides housing and support counseling for Niagara citizens that are affected by mental health issues. The goal is to give them a sense of dignity and greater independence.


Gateway Residential & Community Support Services of Niagara Inc. enables individuals to achieve greater independence through innovative, consumer-centered housing and support services.


To provide stable and supportive housing environments for all consumers.

Providing opportunities for personal choice, dignity & respect.

Seek environments where consumers have the capacity to live independently in their own communities and engage in meaningful productive activities.


Incorporated in 1983 by a group of family members who belonged to the Schizophrenia Society  
1986 Ministry of Health & Long Term Care funded our first staffing position  
Late 80’s First house was purchased in Welland
Late 90’s 2nd Group home purchased in Port Colborne
2000 - Homelessness Initiative Phase II Program & Community Treatment Order Program is funded

2005 - Ontario Trillium Funding granted for volunteer & fundraising coordinator
2005 - Received allocation to build 28 units of affordable housing in Welland
2010  - Grundy House opens 9 units of housing in partnership with Mainstream Services
2010 - Good Food Program starts serving Niagara
2011 - Twenty-five years of direct service to our consumers & the community
2012 - Repei Place in Port Colborne opens its doors to 23 units of housing


Gateway began with 1 staff person in 1986 and currently we have a staff of 28  
Current operating budget of over 3 million dollars
We have expanded our services to include property management services to CMHA Niagara, The Oak Centre, CASN, and Canal View Homes 


Support within Housing
Case Management  
Social, Recreational & Volunteer Programs
Good Food Box Program

For more information, visit

or watch this You Tube Video

Shelley was thanked by Mike Gionet and presented with our club's pen as a token of our appreciation.

Attendance Report by Mike Gionet

17 members and one guest.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, Past President Sheila wished everyone a good week in Rotary and before adjourning the meeting, left everyone with this thought for the day:

“Fellowship is wonderful; it illuminates life’s pathway, spreads good cheer, and is worth high price.” -Rotary Founder Paul Harris