Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

June 29, 2009


President Gregg McDonald welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Oh Canada: Greg McDonald

Toast to Queen and Canada: Brian Radford

Invocation: Matt Taylor


Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

Tom Schulz introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians. Guests:Shari Talon from Carpet Emporium, prospective member, and Frank D'Ambrosio, brother of John D'Ambrosio. Visiting Rotarians: Don Fraser and Carol Henderson from the Downtown Club.  



John Teibert was the sergeant-at-arms. He accepted happy dollars from:

Don Fraser - who is happy to be here.

Paul Massuet - Don Beard's son did a wonderful job with the gala photos.

Laetitia - enjoyed Bob's school reunion. They are happy to be back.

Cathy - her five year old grandson graduated from kindergarten.

John - his daughter was married on the weekend and his brother came down for the wedding. Also, the Rotary medals went well.

Carol Henderson - who worked with Paul Monaghan at the Sunrise Club. We will love Paul as President.

Dan - his cousin is visiting from Timmins. The man never stops talking!

Brian - he and his wife are empty nesters.at least until the end of the summer!

Matt - he will be on holidays for the next three weeks for a family reunion in Seattle.

John - his son graduated from Governor Simcoe.

Don - he and his wife Audrey celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.

Frank D'Ambrosio - happy for his niece on her marriage.

Greg - happy his daughter made it back from Las Vegas.




Gala pictures are available from Don Beard.


Matt reported that the barbecue in honour of Karen Ting was very successful.  Karen was very appreciative of the club's gift to her. Matt is amazed at how confident Karen is now. Her English is very good, and she thinks Canadians are great.


Elizabeth Bratton will tell us about her student exchange experience in August.


Don advised that bingo was successful. The group was only short $20.


Laetitia read a thank you card from Walkers Wood Basic School in Jamaica, thankful for the playground.



Jim Hooper - Best wishes will be extended to Jim at the next meeting.


50/50 Draw 

Bob McKay had the winning ticket, but had no luck drawing the cards.


Guest Speaker

The guest speaker was Greg McDonald who reflected on his year as President. See new story for his address.


Attendance Report

Don Schulz reported 15 members and two make-ups for 5 per cent attendance.