Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

June 22, 2009


Oh Canada:   Roseanne Morissette

Toast to Queen and Canada:  John Teibert

Invocation: Keith Shaver


SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: George Fitzpatrick

Fined everyone who did not support the Hoe Down-those that did not attend or support by donation missed a wonderful evening.


Happy dollars -

Matt Taylor: enjoyed the Hoe Down- Georgette won the Graham Lear major prize and sold it for $100.00

Laetitia de Witt: enjoyed the HoeDown.  Our shelter box #1093 is now in Namibia (South West Africa)

Debi Garneau: won the second 50/50 draw at the Hoe Down



Karen  Ting- Exchange student - presented her final speech at the Assembly held at the Port Dalhousie Yacht Club.


Matt T- There will be a party for Karen on June 30th at Matt's home for those who have hosted her.


Rotary Club of Buffalo- selling tickets for a Buffalo Bison//Syracuse Chiefs baseball game on August 20th


Rib Fest-St. Catharines Rotary Downtown club looking for sponsorships


Montreal 2010 Rotary International- looking for volunteers


Bingo- Don Beard- does not need volunteers


Paul Massuet- wanted his vote in regards to a new fundraiser presented at General Assembly changed from "abstain" to  "against"


Birthdays- Jim Howes


Norris Brown-  welcomed back Sheri Taillon from Carpet Emporium


Greg McDonald- Monday, June 29 is his last meeting. He will be making a special presentation. 


Paul Monaghan- new meeting schedule dates July 6th,13th, 16th- Board Meeting, 20th, 27th


50/50 DRAW:

Peter Snograss - Two Diamonds



Keith S, Sheila B.



John D- introduced the Rotary Medalists for 2009


Sir Winston High School - Principal - Mike Simpson

  • Dominique Thomas, Zachary Hollingham

Thorold High School - Principal - Krusta Miller

  • Emily Haskins, Ryan Cecchini

Denis Morris - Principal- Anthony Bozza

  • Leah Rosetti,James Cho

West Park Secondary - Principal - Lynda Baiano

  • William Thrush, Kelly Muir


20 Rotarians, 13 guests  -112%