"Service in the Rotarian sense is a mental process. It is an attitude of mind which relates persons and things with action. Thoughtfulness of others is in reality the basis of Rotary service."

- Frank L. Mulholland, 1914-15 Rotary president, in The Rotarian, September 1927 


President John called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. 

National Anthem:  Paul Monaghan                 
Toast to the Queen & Canada:  Sheree Taillon
Invocation:  Jim Howes.


Ron Kozub introduced John Chotka (former club member), Jay Gemmell and Glyn Moore from the Niagara Power Lifting Club, our guest speakers. Also in attendance, a prospective member.


Ed Telenko, serving as as Sergeant-at-Arms, fined Bob McKay for projecting a "clerical image" and then went on to fine those of us who were wearing black!  He accepted both fines and happy dollars from:

Bob McKay paid his fine and had a happy dollar because he is heading to the Northwest Territories;
Laetitia de Witt paid her fine for wearing black;
Cathy Henry paid her fine and had a happy dollar because she is heading south till the end of February;
Paul Massuet paid his fine and had a happy dollar because Mimi is doing so well and thanks for all of the clubs attention;
John Chotka had a happy dollar because it was so great to be back and because of the increased female membership;
Ron Kozub had a happy dollar because even though we're getting a monster storm Wednesday he has reeservation for camping on the July 1st weekend;
John D'Ambrosio had a happy dollar because all he bought at the Classic Car show in Arizona was a T-shirt; but he said there is one car "pending";
Beth Cockroft had a happy dollar just to contribute to the collections. 

February 18th Bingo Update - Beth is looking for two more volunteers.

Bingo Leads - Beth needs help running bingos so that she can have the odd weekend off. Sheila is not available as she prepares for her year as club president. Please contact Beth or John D'Ambrosio if you can help, training will be provided.

February 18 Rotary Sky Day at Ellicottville. See Jason Pollock if you are interested.

February 21 no meeting as this is Family Day.

February 28 meeting moved to Wednesday March 2, 2011

February Blood Donation Month - February is blood donar month, please support the Rotary Challenge. There is a Red Cross at Henley Plaza where we can donate blood.

March 2nd, Paul Harris Fellowship Dinner - Jim Hooper advised that drinks and fellowship will commence at 6:00p.m. with dinner to follow.

Take it to Heart and Car Rally -Cathy Henry thanked Ed Telenko for his help with the poster and advised that we are looking for prizes so that all participants go home with something.  Cathy also advised that 50/50 will be available the end of February and the are $2.00 ea. 6 for $10.00 or 15 for $20.00

Hope Furniture Bank - President John advised about the Hope Furniture Bank in May, an initiative of all the St. Catharines Clubs.

District E-Club - The district has started a new initiative, a Rotary e-club.


No singing today as there were no celebrants at the meeting.

50/50 DRAW

Cathy Henry had the lucky ticket and she drew the Queen of Diamonds; better luck next time Cathy!  She choose a tire pressure gauge from the "goodie bag" and then we all explained what it was for.


Jean Holbert-Leighton and John D'Ambrosio both expressed their regret at having to leave early.


John Chotka introduced both Jay Gemmell and Glyn Moore from the Niagara Powerlifting Club. John provided highlights of the Club and of Glyn Moore's personal achievements.
He indicated that he thought the proposal they were bringing forth fit very well with the kind of initiatives this club has become involved in in the past and encouraged the members to give it serious consideration.

Jay's presentation was a request for the club to consider funding support for Niagara Powerlifting Clubs proposal to host the 2011 International Powerlifting World Championships which would take place at the Quality Parkway Convention Centre on Ontario St. from September 26th to October 2nd 2011.

The benefits to Niagara and St. Catharines are many:  The Club has approached both Niagara Catholic and District School Boards as to their interest in utilizing the necessary equipment to host the 2011 Worlds at the conclusion of the competition in local high schools, thereby promoting this sport locally and providing an opportunity for our high school students.  Jay also conveyed the Clubs intent to donate coaching time to those schools who receive equipment. This would result in any funding support by our club remaining in and contributing to our community. Additionally, it is expected that there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 280 to 300 lifters in addition to their families and friends who would attend this meet from approximately 26 countries.  The spin off dollars of this would be significant.

In response to questions from members, Jay clarified that they were not requesting full funding for all necessary equipment, but that any funding that was provided would go towards equipment. He advised the their Club had also provided $10,000 seed money for this event.  He also indicated that it was his understanding that our club could, as a condition of funding, stipulate that any equipment go to local St. Catharines high schools. 
Laetitia thanked our speakers for an interesting presentation, touching on the health aspect of power lifting.


Ron Kuzob advised there were 21 members in attendance, four guests and four make-ups for 72 per cent attendance.


President John asked if there was any further business for the good of Rotary, wished everyone a good week in Rotary, and before adjourning the meeting, left members with this thought for the day:

"Service in the Rotarian sense is a mental process. It is an attitude of mind which relates persons and things with action. Thoughtfulness of others is in reality the basis of Rotary service."

- Frank L. Mulholland, 1914-15 Rotary president, in The Rotarian, September 1927