Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South  

February  26, 2006

Lead the Way



Call to Order: VicePresident Don Hetherington

National Anthem: Rob Welch

Toast to Queen and Canada: Peter Snodgrass

Grace: Jim Howes


Shelia Bristo was disappointed we did not have any guests today


Keith Shaver serving as Sergeant-at-Arms  

Shelia Bristo is excited she will be skiing in B.C.  

John D'Ambrosio  drive to Collingwood  took 13 hour and the drive back was not any better. He is glad to be back in St. Catharines.  

Jim Howes Curling team placed second at a Bonspiel in Guelph and he brought back a 5lb prime rib roast

Bob McBride had a great time in Portugal, the wine and oranges were delicious and cheap.  

Jean Holbert Leighton visited New York City  to check out her daughters residence and went to a hockey game but the train derailed on the way back and then the bus they transferred to ran out of gas then they had to hop on the train again. 

Don Beard said St. Catharines weather is balmy compared to Edmonton and Winnipeg. 

Bob Mckay was looking for snow in Utah but it had not snowed for 3 weeks and then he came back to St. Cathaines and found more enough.  

Ian Forbe and Mary's curling team won the seniors curling Bonspiel.


District  Assembly  April 14 2007   8:00 - 3:00 Niagara College Welland  Campus. New board members please plan to attend.

Diamond Gala meeting:  Paul Monaghan announced 300 tickets need to be sold and we need donations for the auction, Letters asking for a donation has been sent. A tracking board will be set up and members. who have their list to call for donations. Please invite your friends this is our club's major fundraiser of the year we need volunteers register online on the website Friday morning meetings contact Julio Batres.

University of Women Thank You Letter  - Laetitia  de Witt  announced the 2006 Gift of Reading program distributed over 7,500 new and gently used books to children agencies in Niagara .

Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development (RFPD) -  Laetitia  de Witt attended the conference and the agenda items included Women Empowerment, Education, Maternal Health and HIV / AIDS. 112 Rotarians from 16 countries and 37 districts from around the world attended this RFPD conference. Laetitia announced Cathy Henry is now a lifetime member of RFPD.

Joint Meeting April 11 2007  Jason Pollock announced Local Rotary Clubs will meet at the Parkway.

Guest Speaker March 5 2007 MP Rick Dystra Please plan to attend we would like a good turn out ask your friends to attend.  
50/50 DRAW 

John D'Ambrosio had the winning ticket, but was unlucky in drawing 4 of hearts.


Michael Raimondo, Rick Basset and Heidi Wilson


Jason Pollock, Jim Howes and Don Beard expressed regrets to the Vice President and took early leave.

Julio Batres reported:  22 members, 6 make-ups for 65 % attendance.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary Don Hetherington adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.