Paul Massuet, our long-standing Rotary member, is featured in the week's Who's Who.

President Paul called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

US and Canadian National Anthem: Kris Akilie  

Toast to the Office of the President of the US and Toast to the Queen and Canada: Sheila Bristo  

Invocation: Jim Howes  


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Norris Brown introduced five guests/visiting Rotarians:  Sheree Taillon, prospective member; Ursula Kucharski, Rotarian from the Niagara-on-the-Lake Club;  Sheela Suchak and Pravin D. Suchak, District Governor 7090; Rick Merritt from the Downtown St. Catharines Club and also Assistant District Governor, 7090.  

Special Note: The Board of Directors has approved the nomination of Sheree Taillon for membership in the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South. Her classification is Flooring - Retail. If anyone has any objections, please contact John Teibert. This is the first publication.  


George Fitzpatrick served as our Sergeant-at-arms. He contributed the first dollar for President Paul's uncommonly smooth transition.  George then fined Don Beard, Brian Radford, and Norris Brown.

Happy dollars from:

Norris Brown - pleased to know that George recognizes Paul's smooth transition when George is only here 50 per cent of the time!

Najeeb Syed - happy to have played two hole-in-ones last week.

Jim Hooper - First time he has played golf in a year since his knee injury. Shot a 109 but was pleased to be able to play nonetheless.

Ed Telenko - happy I.O.U. for the Hamilton Tiger Cats fourth win of the season.

Sheila Bristo - both her sons rowed in the World Henley Regatta on the weekend and both won Golds.

Ursula Kucharski - happy about the upcoming Niagara Passion event on August 22nd, 2009 in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  This is a new exciting wine, food, and art event. Twenty-one wineries and 15 restaurants are participating. Tickets are $100 each and participants will receive a $65 tax receipt.

Laetitia de Witt - happy because we may not be the biggest club, but we have the greatest spirit.

Greg McDonald - happy for the help he received at Friday's bingo from Debi Garneau, Roseanne Morissette, and John Teibert.

Jason Pollock - thanks to all the volunteers who helped at Ribfest.

John Teibert - Just came from the happiest place on earth- Disneyland.

Bob Mckay - happy to have lost 23 lbs with Laetitia's help.    


Paul Massuet is featured as this week's Who's Who.    

Paul was born in Paris, France, in 1925. His parents were also Parisian born as was his older sister and brother.  

His father was the owner of a sugar refinery and he and Paul's mother's favorite pastime was playing tennis in pro-am tournaments.  The family had a summer home outside Paris with a clay tennis court and Paul has fond memories of playing a lot of games with his brother and sister.  

Paul's sister became a nun in a Catholic teaching congregation and his older brother made his career in the French navy air-corps, ending it at the French Navy Ministry in Paris with a very high rank. They are both dead now.  

Paul's education, obtained through the Jesuit Fathers and Christian Brother, was very strict. 

While in college, during German occupation, Paul joined the F .F .1. (resistance) until the liberation of Paris in 1944. He then signed up with the Second Armored division (General Leclerc) as a volunteer for the duration of the war. Paul fought in Germany, was wounded, and his division was decorated by General Patton in the city of Metz. Paul was released from the army in 1945 and worked for an American Company as an aircraft mechanic for some time. 

Paul married his wife Mimi in Paris and two years later their son Philippe was born.

For the next few years, Paul worked in very interesting positions with GM, having been trained in the Engineering Division and also worked as a Service Manager of different dealership in large cities, such as Vichy, Nimes, and Nancy. While in Nancy, Paul looked after a specific type of clientele-American and Canadian soldiers stationed near there. This is the time that Mimi and Paul decided to emigrate to Canada with their six year old son. 

From Paris to Toronto, landing in Quebec City, and Paul and Mimi took a train to Toronto - their new home - on May 10, 1957. It was a new country, a new language, very little money, and no job, but not for long! Paul worked first for a GM dealership on Avenue Road for a period of time and went back to University - U of T - taking courses in business law and economics.

Paul's next 15 years were spent in the lumber industry with various positions and after that another 15 years in the Sanitation and Cleaning industry, again with various positions. Paul retired in 1987 as Director of marketing from a well known Canadian National Company.  

To answer the question, "Why am I a Rotarian?" Paul advised that in 1987, he and his family went back to France for a year sabbatical, but life decided for them otherwise. One American and one Canadian company offered Paul a position as a Manufacturer Representative to cover Western Europe and Saudi Arabia. So, when they returned to Poitiers, where Mimi is from, Paul was approached by a wonderful man, a friend of Mimi's family, who invited him to join Rotary. Mimi and Paul spent seven great years in France, thanks to their Rotary friends. And Mimi, shortly afterward, joined the local Inner Wheel club.    

Back to Canada in June 1994, Paul and his family settled in St. Catharines, because their only son was living here. Paul visited the three local Rotary clubs and decided to join St. Catharines South that August and has never regretted it.  

Paul concluded his address by stating that thanks to the Rotary movement, they always found great friends and support when needed anywhere in the world and anywhere they traveled. "Rotary is our family when we are away from our own," notes Paul. "Our club International Service and the work of the Foundation have been our passion for many years. This is why Mimi and I are benefactors and sustaining members."  

Paul thanked everyone for the opportunity to share his story.  


Bingo: There is a Bingo session on August 22nd. Please contact Sheila Bristo if you would like to volunteer.  

Board of Directors Meeting: The Board of Directors will gather following the meeting with District Governor Pravin Suchak.  

Club Website: President Paul thanked Roseanne for updating the website.  

EREY Challenge: Roseanne advised the members that with their membership invoice this month, they will receive a letter from the Foundation Committee (Jim Hooper, Paul Massuet, Roseanne, and Rob Welch) asking for their participation in an Every Rotarian, Every Year Challenge.   

Paul Harris Fellow Awards: Roseanne announced that the Foundation Committee plans to recognize Paul Harris Fellow recipients - at least two individuals within the community and two members within the club. Nominations are being sought from the members by September 10th, 2009. Candidates must be community-minded and community-involved and exemplify the Rotary motto, "Service above Self". Nominations can be emailed to Roseanne or to Jim, Paul, and Rob.  

Call for volunteers, International Service Committee: Laetitia asked for confirmation of volunteers to serve on the International Service Committee. Last call.  

Group Study Exchange: Jim Hooper advised that the four St. Catharines Clubs have decided to pool resources and asked to host the GSE team for a few days and were successful! The inbound GSE team will be coming from Belize to St. Catharines October 13-16. If anyone would like to host one or several of the team members during this time, please contact Jim Hooper at 905-984-3276. The outbound team will be heading to Belize February 15 to March 16, 2010. The team will consist of one team leader and four team members. The team leader applications must be submitted by September 25th, 2009 with interviews occurring October 3rd, 2009. Team member applications must be in by October 16th, 2009 with interviews on October 24th, 2009. Again, if you, or someone you know, is interested in applying, please let Jim know.  


No birthdays to report.              

50/50 DRAW  

Sheila had the winning ticket, but drew the three of diamonds.  


Jason Pollock advised that we have 20 members and 13 make-ups for well over 100 per cent attendance.  


Brian Radford gave his regrets to President Paul and to our guest speaker and took early leave.  

GUEST SPEAKER, District Governor Pravin Suchak    

Assistant District Governor Rick Merritt introduced District Governor Pravin Suchak.

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As there was no other business for the good of Rotary, the meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.