On October 31st, Dan Healy, the new City Clerk, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding voter information. Dan is from Derry and was happy to talk about the services of the clerk’s office. Birth certificates, marriage licensing, death certificates, dog licenses, and the keeper of city records are some of the services. Dan spent time talking about voter information.
There are 9 wards in Nashua with a voting booths for each ward.
On average there are 1000 new voters every election.
Usually a 50% turnout of registered voters vote.
To vote you need proof of identity and domicile.
Poll hours are 6am-8pm.
Next election is November 8th, 2022.
Sample ballot for every ward and election is on the city website under the city clerk section.
You can pick up your absentee ballot up until November 7th at 5pm.
State laws do not allow ballots to be dropped off in drop boxes.
Dan answered lots of questions and more info can be found on the city website.