0n November 15th, Julie Capozzi, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding breathwork for managing stress. Julie has been a guidance counselor, is a breathwork practitioner and reiki master, and currently teaches full time at Mount Wachusett Community College teaching psych and sociology programs.  Julie opened with gratitude and defined breathwork.  Anyone can do it, because it only requires your breath.  She talked about the energy in every cell and the tension that can be released through breathwork.
Remember 3 things:
1: Diaphragmatic
2: Connect the breath (no pause between in and out)
3: Relaxed exhale, never force.  
Breathwork results in increased energy, less tension, better digestion, increased calm by working with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  When you breathe more slowly, your blood flows better, reducing blood pressure and anxiety.  
We all tried a “reset breath” which is 10 breaths, (in for 5 count and out for 5 count connecting the breath) and at the end of the 10 breaths, hold the last inhale for 10 count.     
Breath work can be applied to addictions of drugs, alcohol,food and gaming.  It helps persons with attachment disorders from the first years of life where a trauma may have occurred but cannot be accessed by living memory.  Breathwork can release that trauma.  
Those of us who tried the reset breath, found it very relaxing.