On February 12th, Martha Masson, program manager for “New Hampshire Together”, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding their parent organization, “The People”. Martha discussed the movement related to the Flint, Michigan water crisis, that was the catalyst for the development of The People. The People generally supports non-partisan political reform.
The People uses the following workflow to make change
  • Connecting and listening
  • Exploring and learning
  • Selecting issues and deliberation (on policy solution)
  • Taking Action
The NH Together Project has had projects all over the state & virtually.
  • 70% of 18-34 year olds would be interested in participating in discussions with other NH residents about problems facing the state, and identifying options to address them, and working w legislators to pass policies to make a positive impact.
  • Over all age groups only 55% would be interested
  • 91% wanted to improve voter trust and confidence in elections
  • 94% wanted to reduce extreme partisanship and polarization politically & reduce the influence of ‘big money’ in politics
  • 95% wanted politicians to be more responsive to voters
To help bring issues to the surface, the organization asks “what do you experience as broken in NH or in your community that we may work together to fix?”
The organization always requests feedback about how they are doing at martha@thepeople.org