On August 22nd, Alderman Richard A. Dowd, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the Nashua Middle School Renovation Project Update. Rick, a lifelong resident of Nashua, graduate of Nashua High School, and St. Anselm College. A commissioned Naval Officer. Rick has spent over 36 years in Nashua political and appointed offices, such as Zoning Board, Board of Education, and Board of Alderman (6 terms).
The Middle School Project started back in late 2019 to build a new middle school and renovate two existing middle schools.  There are approximately 2400 middle school students in Nashua.
First, Harriman of Auburn, ME hired as the architectural firm and Harvey Construction of Bedford, as construction manager. It was first determined to be less expensive to build a new school rather than renovate the aging Elm Street Middle School (the original Nashua High School for non-lifers of Nashua).  At present, Fairgrounds Middle School is 99% complete, Pennichuck Middle School is 50% complete (work will continue without issues to students) and the new school is a work in progress and improvements made daily.
The new Brian S. McCarthy Middle School is located off Buckmeadow Road in southwest Nashua. Named for Alderman Brian S. McCarthy, who always believed in the value of education and his dedication to the Nashua School District. All the schools have added solar panels and working towards clean energy. Currently, looking into battery storage to run schools after dark. The solar panels already showing benefits by producing more energy than needed and returning the surplus to the grid. The schools have new security entrances with integrated contact with both Fire and Police. The renovations include newer technologies, whiteboards, brighter interior spaces and more open space learning (no more meeting in closets). Also new traffic patterns at each school for ease of flow with new parent loops and new bus loops. There are improvements to the HVAC systems.
The project’s focus is to improve the middle school experience at each of the schools.  The idea to help students learn and be able to transition to high school. There were several questions from the floor before concluding our meeting.