On March 21st, Nashua Fire Chief, Steve Buxton, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the Nashua Fire Department. Chief Buxton started his fire career in 1992 in Londonderry and is happy to be serving the community as the current Fire Chief. The Chief comes from a family of dedicated community members, and is a 5th generation firefighter. Other family members serve the community in education. His father also served as the Fire Chief of Nashua.
Chief Buxton shared with us that the fire dept. handles >54,000 calls for service annually. Chief Buxton reviewed programs the city is implementing to better educate and serve at risk populations, including the elderly. The fire department has been heavily involved in combating the opioid epidemic, and keeping our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The fire department recently completed a study to identify necessary recommendations to continue keeping the community safe, including plans to prioritize facility needs, facility locations, staffing requirements, and equipment. The fire department also has programs to provide winter clothing/jackets to children in need.
Chief Buxton reviewed the culture and attitude of the Nashua Fire Department, that at its core, is driven by its members’ strong belief in the importance of serving their community.
Chief Buxton answered questions from Rotarians. Interesting fact: fires today develop much quicker due to the newer building materials.