On October 17th, Mark Hastbacka, FBI Boston, Special Agent, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the Ghislaine Maxwell apprehension In NH. Mark was a Nashua Police Officer and Detective from 1987 to 1997, before heading to the FBI Miami, Special Agent through 2003. While in Miami he was transferred to international terrorism in 1999.  He was a Case Agent for the “Florida Four” IRA gun smuggling operation and the Case Agent for the Florida portion of the 9/11 hijackings.  He was in Miami through 2012, supervising the International Terrorism Squad.  Mark returned to Boston in 2012 through the present. He works in Boston and Bedford, NH.  He was worked on the Boston Marathon bombing.
Mark went through some of the technological logistics/analytics and good old fashion luck needed to find Ghislaine Maxwell. It began after a plea deal was reached with Jeffrey Epstein. A deal thrown out and then New York authorities taking over the case. As with most police investigations, it is about maintaining connections with people and colleagues over the years.
They were able to narrow the search for Ghislaine Maxwell through phone record patterns and a former boyfriend, Scott Borgerson, CEO of Cargometrics. It was a worldwide search for her with sighting all over the world.
A single credit card charge from the Salt Hill Pub in NH led Mark to begin using his connections to further narrow the search. This led to property searches, both online and through Mark’s connections. Several police and FBI groups continue to keep each other informed (Lowell, MA, Manchester, NH State Police, Nashua). They continued with knowledge of an attorney and British gentleman (did Ian B have an alibi?) who inquired about the house. A full offer, cash sale in 14 days and out of state addresses to a law firm raised some questions and led to subpoenas. Mark also noted that today they can find out information from financial records and cell phone records. Grand jury subpoenas are vital to their operations.
On the day they apprehended her, they got lucky that an FBI plane happened to be flying over to catch one ping on a cell phone. The plane was noticed by a security guard and kept everyone inside unlike most normal days when someone would walk her dogs. They were able to get through a chained gate, then unbeknownst to them set off an infrared beam set up. They were able to get to the main home before the security detail could warn her. They were able make their way to the main house where Ghislaine was found and taken into custody. Some difficulty was the security detail used were from Britain and no real connections to New Hampshire. The security detail worked on 60-day rotations. Mark again reiterated sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.
A good read, “Relentless Pursuit, My fight for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein” by Bradley J. Edwards was suggested.
After several questions, Mark did conclude by providing his phone number (954) 658-0367 or email mahastbacka@fbi.gov, just in case you need to drop a dime.