0n September 20th, Dr. Matthew Stanizzi, the Medical Director for BioRestore Health and oversees clinical protocols for their three locations in New England, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding Problems with the traditional medicine model. Dr. Matthew Stanizzi doubled majored in Neuroscience and Biology at Brandeis University. Received his Medical Degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 2003. He currently is Board Certified in Urology.  He received training in functional Medicine through the American Academy for Anti-Aging medicine. Dr. Stanizzi works and sees patients from the Nashua location. 
    Problems with the traditional medicine model insurance companies limit the ability for providers to treat their patients.
    He became unhappy with the way medicine was practiced, managed and delivered as a provided.
    Providers don’t want to get involved with treatments that insurance is unlikely to cover.
    Providers over focus on quantity of life at the expense of quality of life.
    Where is the focus on Longevity – Defined: “Often used to mean just life expectancy. Longevity is the measure of Exceptional Life Expectancy, Quality of Life balanced with Quantity.  Is it not just about living long it is about living well”.
    What impacts Longevity – Diet, Exercise, Biochemical function, Ageing Process, Environmental Exposures, Pathogens and Disease.
    Non- Traditional looks at the impacts on longevity listed above in more detail than traditional medicine.
    Excellent and informative presentation.
    For more information - here is the link to BioRestore website: biorestorenh.com (Also, presentation slides were emailed to members)