0n September 27th, Dr. Garth McKinney, Nashua School system superintendent, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the state of the Nashua School system.  Dr. McKinney had previous time in NH working in Merrimack, then Texas, before returning to Nashua.  He spoke and presented a very educational PowerPoint about the Nashua school system.  It included the mission statement and new goals and objectives to keep all the students, faculty and staff safe with the current pandemic.    Per the Governor of NH, Nashua students now attend in person for all schools.  Some of the efforts to keep all safe include limiting the number of volunteers, screening and testing students when appropriate and keeping all mindful of social distancing.
Due to the diverse international population in Nashua (over 60 languages spoken),  it tries to have a learning environment applying “ELL” (English Language Learner) principles in many subjects and be used by many teachers.
One of the principles of the school system is to empower all kids, - in social, academic and emotional areas.  The school system relies on many partners organizations in Nashua to assist education in the education process.  Overall, the Nashua School System is the 2nd largest district in the state with over 10K students.  It is comprised of 18 schools; 12 elementary, 3 middle, 2 high, 1 alternative, 3 preschools.  About 12% of the students are English language learners.  There is also a large special education support with special teachers to provide the needed assistance for students with learning disabilities.  
At the high school, the graduation rate is 84%, but goes well into the 90’s if include those that graduate later or complete their requirements through alternate paths.   Nashua has a low drop-out rate of only 1.7%.  It boasts a 57% college bound graduate with many attending top 25 elite schools.  For those not interested in pursuing college, Nashua offers 25 life-skill programs such as auto repair, biotechnology, culinary arts, cosmetology, drone flight, robotics, computer repair, construction, electrical, HVAC, video production, medical transcription and business finance.
Because of Nashua’s school districts excellence, it is a demonstration district to other regions in the state looking to develop certain education programs/areas.  
Nashua is also investing in updating its middle schools as well as building a new middle school to replace Elm Street.  This new Middle school project will be funded by a 118 million dollar bond to build new school in the southwest corner of the city off Ridge and Buckmeadow roads.  It is targeted to open in Fall of 2023.
Dr. McKinney finished with a Q & A period.