On July 18th, Ed Lecius from the Lions Club, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding combining Efforts of Rotary, Lions Club and Kiwanis Clubs, to accomplish shared interest goals. Ed Lecius, is no stranger to many Rotarians in the room and on Zoom today. Ed has had a stellar career in broadcasting, local, state and national politics and public service. A member of the Lions Club since 1971 Ed is a five-time president.  A former District Governor and International Director. Most recently Ed was selected as the Chamber’s Citizen of the year.
Today Ed speaks to us in his role as proud Lion. Ed began with greetings from the Lions and recognition of our own 100 years of service. The Lions will celebrate their 100th next year. There are several parallels between Rotary and Lions. Service to others is central to both organizations. Rotary Service Above Self and Lions We Serve are at the core of both. Both organizations began in the Chicago area. Rotary founded in 1905 by a Chicago attorney, Paul Harris while Lions was founded in 1917 by an insurance executive Melvin Jones. Ed noted that both gentlemen are buried in the same cemetery. In the early days a Memorandum of Understanding was executed between the two groups allowing dual membership. 
The Lions Club has been very active in advocacy and have been central to the establishment of a Service Club Caucus on Capitol Hill. Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis and The Optimist Club are participating. The House has an established committee while the Senate needs a Democrat Senator to sign on. House and Senate groups require a bi-partisan sponsorship of members. Lions have as a focus the areas of hearing and sight for those in need.
Jennifer Jones, Rotary International President and Patti Hill, First International Lions Vice President recently worked together to form an initiative for attracting younger membership. This group established mutual goals to build team, build vision, build a plan and build success. This work is ongoing. This work is not for the recognition of a particular group or individual but rather results. 
In September Lions and Rotary will celebrate together with the theme being “Together We Can Do More”.
A question and answer session followed.