0n December 6th, Carol Lake, an American contemporary artist, who exhibits nationally and internationally, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding Modern Art Glass. Carol particularly likes 3d art, often in glass.  She prefers animal subjects and has been artist in residence in various locations.
Carol grew up in Milford.  She spoke about her Modern Art Glass pieces.  Stained glass dates back to 600 BC.  Now artists use hot glass (blown glass), warm glass (kiln fired), what she works with and cold glass (stained glass).
Warm Glass Pieces are heated to 1400 degrees in a kiln to generate the wanted affects. It takes pieces of colored glass and melts them together to get the desire shape, color and affect.  The pieces have images and colors as in a painting but no lead/copper separating as in stained glass.
Work starts with a drawing and then small grains of colored glass are place appropriately to generate changes in shade and color to create the image wanted.  Some times larger pieces are added to give different looks and texture.
The glass on the top layer melts first and runs down the slightly slanted platform on which it is fired.  Enamel paint can be used to add detail.  The pieces are translucent and change with the type and direction of the light.
Questions and answer session followed with questions about the cost of the glass materials (8” x 8” colored glass can be $25 to $100 per sheet) are quite expensive.  Kiln time is 24-36 hours with both slow raise to temp and very slow cooling to anneal the glass without cracking. Some pieces are fired 3-5 times.   She does comissioned pieces and has patrons that support her supply costs.  Very few glass artists are around and she is one of the few in New England.