On February 10th, Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Senator and Democratic candidate for President of the United States, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding her qualifications for President of the United States. Senator Klobuchar is now serving her third term in the United States Senate and sits on the Judiciary, Rules, Commerce, Agriculture and the Joint Economic Committees. She is a graduate of Yale University and the Chicago School of Law. The Senator noted that like New Hampshire, both Minnesota Senators are women. She worked 14 years in the private sector as an attorney. Sen Klobuchar was voted the most effective Senator by Vanderbilt University.
Senator Klobuchar is no stranger to Rotary and follows the Rotary service above self-philosophy. In her view small business is the engine of economic growth. She spoke about her family background recalling her mother who was a teacher and her dad who worked as a sports reporter for AP. She is married with a daughter. In her family experience work and service are done with a sense of obligation not entitlement. Her view reflects the idea that what unites us in this country is greater than what divides us. We are a country of shared dreams. A country that should be engaged in inventing “stuff”, Making “stuff” and exporting to the world. All accomplished by supporting small business, encouraging entrepreneurship, hiring programs and training. She is working across the aisle with Senator Tim Scott examining small business laws.
Senator Klobuchar told us that free college for all looks great on a bumper sticker but is not for our country. She does recognize shortages in healthcare workers and the trades. We should be focused on funding the pre-k to 6th grade education as well as associate degree and some 4 year programs addressing the health care and trade careers. She also favors a doubling of Pell Grants.
Regarding immigration, she does favor a legal path to citizenship. Noting that 70 CEO’s of fortune 500 companies along with several of our Nobel Laureates are immigrants to The United States.
She is committed to paying attention to the infrastructure needs of our country. She spoke passionately about the collapse of a multi-lane bridge just blocks from her home. This clearly had an impact on her and she recalled the heroism of first responders. Mentioning that comparing place she’s travelled, cell phone service in Iceland is superior to that in Franconia Notch.
Senator Klobuchar favors a bi-annual budget and is the only candidate with a plan in place to reduce the federal deficit leading to a balanced budget.
Calling this election cycle a patriotism and decency check for us all. She recalled a story where a reporter asked a very emotional person watching FDR’s funeral train pass by if he knew the President. The reply was no, I did not know the President but the President knew me! There was a trust there and that’s the trust she wants to restore.
Due to her schedule there was no availability for questions except one…President Elect Bill Barry citing that he and she would both be new to presidential roles in the coming year asked the Senator if she would return to speak with the club next year. Her answer was a very enthusiastic YES!