On May 11th, James Spotts, a Partnership Specialist from the US Census Bureau, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding on the 2020 Census in New Hampshire. Mr. Spotts is Responsible for working with Cities and Towns in New Hampshire to make sure everyone is counted once, only once, and in the right place.  The Census Bureau is the largest statistical agency in the US. and the results of the 2020 Census will help determine the distribution of $675 Billion each year over the next 10 years which will fund around 42 different programs in the community. 
New Hampshire has seen about $3.788 Billion and with Block Grants added , around $4.12 Billion dollars a year since the 2010 Census was completed.  The Census employees are sworn to protect information for life.  Your personal information and data is stored online with many layers of cybersecurity for protection.  You can respond to the Census online, by phone, by filling out the paper forms, and during a visit from a Census employee.  The Census will never ask for your Social Security Number, for a donation or any form of currency, your bank account or credit card information or questions related to a political party.  Beware of scams that may attempt to get this information from you.  Around August 11th, Census employees will be in our city to follow up with those who have not yet filled out the Census forms.  This timeline is subject to change due to COVID-19 guidelines.  Nashua Currently is #1 in the state of New Hampshire.  Thank you to the Nashua Complete Count Committee for the community outreach over the last year. Please share news about completing the Census with your friends, employees, and social media networks.  The numbers are tied to program dollars for the City of Nashua.  Everyone counts!