0n July 6th, Jane Marquis and Paige Hultman, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the Rotary Club of Nashua decade of 2011-2020. The committee will be sharing a collection of highlights and reflections of each decade of the Club one a month for our 100-year celebration.
Committee Co-chairs are Jane Marquis and Paige Hultman. Committee members are: Mindy Abodeely, Mike Aquino; Lyn Marino; Paul Hebert; Dr. Adrian Levesque; and Rick Manganello.
Mike Aquino noted that the Club is back to the peak in membership of 10 years ago, a nice upward trend since 2015. We have grown from 26 females in 2016/2017, to this year at 36 female members (and we added two additional women today!).
Highlights from each year were presented. Rotary International projects included the Mexico International Project, helping children with neurological disorders impacting the brain and central nervous system; and the Midwife Support Project in Guatemala, helping to educate midwives to take lifesaving services to Mayan women.
Fundraising highlights this decade included the new Pairings event, held at Nashua Country Club; and Christmas Tree Sales.
We have done 10 global grants in this decade, totaling over $1.1 million in impact.
We awarded the Lifetime achievement award to skip Bryant, only the second time this award has been presented.
A tribute to our Club as ‘the singing club’ with a mention of past music committee Rollie Breault, ‘Ernie and the Jets’ and Mindy. Thanks to Jack Tulley for coming to the rescue and helping to secure an upright piano, and when that was ready to be retired, an electronic keyboard.
(The presentation will be sent out via email to Club members.)
And the presentation ended with a tribute to those Rotarians who left us over the past decade.
President Barry noted that we had 70 members on Zoom today!