The wild, wacky and very hard working Golf Committee kicked-off this year's march to the 100 Holes Of Golf Tournament in fine form at Giorgio's  today. We were honored to have so many visiting Rotarians and guests at today's meeting. Bravo to Connie Dionne for his help in enlisting, among others, the Lowell Rotary Club in 100 Holes ticket sales. 55 golfers are signed up already - the committee is looking for at least 10 more. Volunteer sign-up is available on Clubrunner. Sounds like new event features are on the horizon too! Oh and be sure to tell everyone that Chairman Knott has not one but two bridges to sell you...for the day of July 27th. For more information, please Click Here to visit the 100 Holes website. More photos from the kick-off meeting are posted in the Photo Albums section or Click Here