At its recent Zoom meeting, members of the Ludlow Rotary Club (LRC) were entertained by Ted and Linda Fondulas, previous owners of Hemingway’s Restaurant in Killington as they described the history of that famous restaurant.
Linda Fondulas offered a detailed outline of how the duo created Hemingway’s.  In particular, she noted the development of usage of locally produced foods and their interest in creating a diverse menu that made the restaurant one of the 25 greatest in the nation.
In detailing his approach to cooking and creating unique menus, Ted Fondulas indicated that food preparation was the second most active career in the country.
He also took this occasion to comment on the role that the late Bob Gilmore of Ludlow played in bringing new and innovative concepts of restauranteuring to Vermont noting “he was a leader in promoting food service in Vermont”.
In response to the impact of Covid-19 on the restaurant business, Fondulas raised the question of “will people continue to eat out as often after Covid?”  He added that with so many people now preparing their meals at home instead of eating out, there may be a drop in restaurant business as a direct result of the virus.
During the business meeting, Kevin Barnes, LRC President, indicated that the club had received 1,000 face masks.  Of this total, 300 would be used in Mt Holly while another 400 would be presented to Ludlow.
“Pictured below are Linda and Ted Fondulas with Julia Child.  Child would go to Hemingway’s on her birthday during the period when she visited relatives in Woodstock.”