Michael Halstead, the interim CEO of Springfield Hospital, addressed the latest meeting of the Ludlow Rotary club (LRC) about the current condition of the Hospital and medical center.  Referring to numerous media articles about its financial status, he noted that the financial  problems of the hospital were a national problem for many small, regional hospitals.  Michael emphasized that Springfield Hospital had financial problems but it was the intention of the facility to make all necessary changes to ensure that it had a sustainable financial future.  He cited the recent decision to eliminate the birthing clinic as an example of how the hospital is addressing the problem. He stressed that the hospital would still provide quality emergency services to pregnant women. 


He indicated that the emergency ward was being transferred to a new unit as another step in reducing costs.  Staff reductions and modest pay decreases were also part of the solution.  When asked about the future of the hospitals outlying medical and dental facilities, he said that they all represented very solvent and successful operations.  He noted that the Chester dental unit was adding "a second chair" to satisfy the demands for its services. 


Pictured here is Michael Halstead and Jim Rumrill, LRC Rotarian.


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