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Welcome to our Club!

2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 12.15pm
The Royal Canadian Legion
12 King Street East,
2nd floor room B
Stoney Creek, ON  L8G 1J8
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World Polio Day is Saturday, October 24th, 2020.

Join Pedal for Polio - Dr. Ron Mergl Memorial Ride to raise $200,000 for the elimination of Polio! 

Please listen as District 7090 Governor Frank rolls out a vision for our Rotarians that is joinable by all! 

After you listen, Please Contribute to the Cause Here!!  yes
The event is October 24th, 2020   Rainbow Bridge to Niagara on the Lake.  
Let's not miss this opportunity to raise significant funds for this world-changing effort in the eradication of this dreaded disease.
Because of the Generosity of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, every dollar raised will turn into $3.
The George Hamilton Restaurant and Brewery was Established in 1853 and is Upper Canada's Oldest Licensed Common House on Land originally owned by Sir Allan McNab.
Rotary President Michael and his partner Dean have volunteered to host the Hamilton East Rotary Club's "Romantic Rotary Acoustic Blues and Brews" Night on Saturday February 15, 2020.
Rotary Club of Hamilton East-Wentworth secretary Jim McDonnell presenting $14,000 cheque to Jim Casey, Burlington Able Sail, for new coach boat.
Rotary Club of Hamilton East-Wentworth secretary Jim McDonnell presenting $14,000 cheque to Jim Casey, Burlington Able Sail, for new coach boat.
The coach boat follows the youth ages  7 and up when ever they are on the water to offer assistance and safety for all.
The Rotary Club of Hamilton East is proud of this organization's continued success in giving these youth a chance to explore where the opportunity did not exist.
The Bishop Ryan Robotics Team Celt-X 5406 is currently in their recruitment and training period for the upcoming 2020 FIRST FRC Robotics Season. A High School robotics team in it's 6th year has 55 team members and a dozen plus volunteer mentors. 
Rotarian Paul Crossman presents Team member Victoria with a cheque for the sponsorship of the 2020 season during safety training for all 55 team members.
The Rotary Club of Hamilton East ( Wentworth ) is proud to support these great students for the second year in a row.  Go CELT-X !!
The Glassco Foundation is a Canadian charity registered in 1996 with global outreach projects in the fields of health, children and clean drinking water.   In 2003 and 2004 they took a medical team to the Kusaka Eye Hospital in Zambia to performing a range of surgical procedures including operating on children who were born with cataracts due to poor drinking water and health conditions and therefore giving the blind sight for the first time.  Originally they were able to help with the huge backlog of cases but the goal was to pass along new operating techniques to the local medical personnel. 
Join the area Rotary Clubs at the Rotary Funday Picnic at the 50 Point Conservation Area on Saturday June 15th. 
We will be meeting early to perform a Rotary 'Service Before Self' Park Clean Up Project at 11am.
The festivities kick off around 1pm at the Pavillion as we wait to cheer in Rotarian Leo Johnson as his finishes his 'Ride for Change' bike ride for Empowerment Squared around 3pm.  

Please RSVP Here!

Bob Kemp Hospice Speaking on Thursday June 13th at The Royal Canadian Legion in Stoney Creek.
Join us for a great conversation on end of life care and all Things rotary 
Please RSVP to Pres. Paul at 

Nearly thirty years ago, Hamilton East Wentworth Rotarian Dr. Bob Kemp realized the need for Hospice Palliative Care in the Greater Hamilton area. Facilities South of the border had left him impressed and excited by the services available to those at end of life and he wanted to be able to offer this support to his own patients and their families.

The early Hospice was held in the basement of the Church of the Redeemer and offered a Day Program once a week. In 1999, Dr. Bob and his wife, Mildred, donated their property on Wardrope Avenue, in Stoney Creek, and the Hospice found its first real home.

By 2002, the Hospice was able to offer services such as Day Program, a Volunteer Visiting Program and bereavement support programs for children and adults.

With all of this in place, the next goal became opening a Residential Hospice. Thanks to many generous donations and the tireless efforts of the members of our capital campaign, this goal came to fruition in July 2007.

The Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice is situated on two acres of land, donated by Iris Berryman.

At the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice, our goal is to provide individuals and families living with a life-threatening illness excellence in care, whether that be at home, in hospital, a long-term care facility or our very own residential hospice. Hospice is about celebrating life and quality of living. All services, including our residential program, are provided at no cost to our clients or their families.

Ashlee Leggett - Cancer Assistance Program Coordinator
Our Regular Lunch Meeting is being held at the Cancer Assistance Program Building at 555 Concession Street
12 Noon Thurday March 28th, 2019
Lunch is being supplied by The George Hamilton Restaurant and Brewery. 
Darrell D'Souza - Student Success Teacher
Students helping students at Cathedral High School’s Annex


On Valentine's Day, Darrell D'Sousa a Cathedral High School Teacher introduced us to The Cathedral Annex, an on campus donation centre that is open to students and thier families who need assistance with food, clothing, house hold items and furniture.  Students Helping Students!  The Teachers and Support Staff of Cathedral High School on Wentowrth Street recognised needs of some students attending the school for food, clothing, houshold items.  The school is situated in ground zero of the immigration of families to the area from third world countries.  They often start school living in local shelters, come to us with the clothes on thier back and living on social assistance.  The children of these families like all children need the basics: to be fed, clothed and housed.  The staff with the assistance of the students renovated a out building on campus facing King Street and filled it with clothing and food donations.  They have filled this building over and over.  The coordinate the donation of used furniture from local citizens and companies to families as they move from shelters to housing.  They use the building to give students real life experience in helping others.  

CHCH and others organizations have visited the Annex and there is usually a large influx of help that weens off after a little while.

The need is constant and worthwhile.

To help this great cause please contact Darrell directly.



Saturday March 30th at 4pm over 50 people joined us this great event.  RootBone took the stage to entertain all with some excellent Blues and a few Rock Blues tunes.  The George Hamilton was a great host with an excellent buffet that did not disappoint and a great taste of their custom brews. 
Thank you also to the door prize sponsors and those that volunteered to sell tickets and hand out prizes.  A special thank you to the friends and family of our Rotary President for coming out and celebrating his 5oth Birthday.
The Rotary Blues 60th Anniversary Bash
Hosted By:
The George Hamilton Brew Pub Restaurant
152 King Street West, Hamilton Ontario
Visit Us at our Lunch Meetings the second and fourth Thursday of the Month.
What a Great Evening.
Two Rotary Clubs came together for so many great causes.
The Hamilton Police Ladies' Choir opened the evening,
The Bidding tables were busy.
The Wine Wheel Barrel and Booze Barrel were sought after.
The staff of Michelangelo's were awesome.
The following email scam is being circulated as a letter of request from a fellow Rotarian.  Please be advised that any Rotarian correspondence should be properly vetted before responding. gives all Rotary members the ability to research clubs and members to confirm they are the correct person.  We would advise that any return correspondence not be sent to the original sender's email but through the club email listed on the Rotary International website.  If the club does not have an email address or details listed on the Rotary International website then the email you received is probably a scam.  All questionable emails you receive should be sent to the Rotary Support Center to be properly vetted.
The George Hamilton Restaurant and Brewpub is hosting their annual Charity Blues Event on Saturday March 24th for The Rotary Club of Hamilton East Wentworth. 
The $30 ticket includes; a tour of Hamilton's Finest New Microbrewery Pub, a taste of the Braumeister's in-house creations, samplings of the chef's wonderful daily specials including a variety of desserts and a LIVE Rocking Blues Band. 
The event starts at 4pm.  The tickets can be purchased at The George Hamilton, 152 King Street West and Bay Street or by contacting Rotarian Michael Peters at  (905) 381-9820 or Rotarian Paul Crossman at 905-512-2451
The Rotary Club of Hamilton East-Wentworth is investing in the future with a donation to the Bishop Ryan High School Celt-X-5406 Robotics Team. “Robots Building Students” is the catchy phrase that highlighted the student presentation at the Rotary lunch meeting in November.   
This is not just a team of self proclaimed “Nerds, Geeks and Hackers”......
Recently the future usefullness of Business Clubs and Community Service Clubs has been the discussion of a few of the meetings I have attended.  There seems to be a growing gap between the current members of these clubs and the potential new members they would like to bring into the group.  Much talk about the age and the attitude of what should be a potential new member has been harked on as the cause of the decrease in club involvement.  The atmosphere and changing work environment and business structure is also a big hurdle to get over.  Outside influences from family and a non business oriented social interaction also comes into play for the new work force.  Social media and the internet offering quick answers and solutions without time commitment is often the choice today.
Special Guest Speakers for Lunch Meeting on Thursday February 9th, 2017.
Please join us for an informative discussion with Special Guest Speakers Julie Holmes and Heather Radman from St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation King Street Campus, Julie and Heather will be providing an overview of the various programs available for Seniors at the King Campus and share some insight in future programs and needs.
There will be a presentation and discussion to follow.
The Rotary Club of Hamilton East has a long and strong history with the King Street Urgent Care Campus as it was Rotarian Dr. Bob Kemp that jumped into the capital fundraising and became a driving force for the building of the dream soon after his successful campaign for the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice.  Both campaigns Dr. Bob successfully pulled in the initial backing through the Hamilton East Wentworth Rotary Club.
Doors open at 12 noon and Lunch is served at 12:15pm
Upper Board Room B
Stoney Creek Legion,
12 King Street East
Stoney Creek, Ontario.
Please RSVP with

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