On March 4th, 2021 The Rotary Club of Grimsby agreed to sponsor a Satellite Club with the working name - Rotary Club of West Niagara.  
Satellite clubs give opportunities to people to join Rotary who may not be able to attend at the time the local club meets or who may want to be part of a different kind of club. 
Are you interested in contributing to your community and live or work in the area broadly referred to as West Niagara?  You may wish to learn more about a Rotary Satellite Club and what it has to offer you personally, professionally and socially.
We'd love to share with you the benefits of Rotary membership!
During the 45 years of its existence the Rotary Club of Grimsby has enjoyed an engaged membership that had many wonderful and successful fundraisers and fellowship activities.  It allowed the club the opportunity to support the local community and offer support to international projects.  The club is committed to engaging members of the West Niagara community in Rotary in a form that supports the current needs and wishes of potential Rotarians.
During the months of March through June of 2021, an active recruitment campaign will provide potential Rotarians the opportunity to learn more about Rotary.
Here is some background information regarding Satellite Rotary Clubs.  
Rotary has had satellite clubs since 2013. At first, satellite clubs were for people who wanted to join Rotary but didn’t have a large enough group to start a club. Unlike regular Rotary clubs, which require 20 members to start, a satellite club can form with just eight members. 
Satellite clubs also give community members and Rotarians the chance to make a positive difference in a club environment that often differs from their local Rotary club.  Like all Rotary clubs, satellite clubs hold regular meetings, have bylaws and a board, and get involved in community service projects. A local Rotary club sponsors the club and provides advice and support.
Satellite club members are Rotarians. Officially, they are members of the sponsor club.  
When a satellite club grows to 20 members or more, it can choose to remain a satellite to its sponsor club or it can apply for a charter to become a standalone Rotary club. Some clubs prefer to continue as satellite clubs regardless of their size and enjoy the benefits of being tied to their sponsor club. You decide what’s right for your members. 
Just like starting any Rotary club, forming a satellite club brings community and business leaders together to exchange ideas and take action to improve people’s lives. Satellite clubs can also: 
  • Attract members who have different vocations or service interests 
  • Be a more affordable club experience. All members pay the same amount of dues to Rotary International, but clubs can choose to lower club dues. Districts also set their own dues. 
  •  Provide an alternative meeting experience or format where members can experiment with different forms of club organization 
  •  Allow Rotary clubs to offer service opportunities and membership experiences that appeal to a smaller, focused group 
  • Bring Rotary to communities that might not be able to support a standalone club 
  • Serve as transitional Rotary clubs 
  • Starting a satellite club offers the additional benefits of expanding project possibilities, visibility, and the impact of Rotary in your community.
  • It also develops more leaders in your community and the Rotary district. 
We'd love to talk to you about Rotary Satellite clubs.  Contact Liz at 519-241-1858 or use the contact us link above.