POLIO PLUS  - Millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours have been spent on the inoculation of more than two billion of the world’s children.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together with Rotary have raised more than $555 million dollars for oral vaccines.  Currently Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia still have some cases of polio. A donation of $2200.00 was made from our club as of May 2014.


LOVING ARMS GUATEMALA BIO SANDS WATER FILTERS – The families that receive the Bio Sand Water Filters are always part of the construction and upkeep.  These families receive a workshop to learn about the function of the filter and proper storage of the water.  The Ministry of Health inspected the water from the filter and the results indicate that the water is 98% free of contaminants.  Theses filters are monitored several times a year to help ensure that the program is a success. A donation of $1500.00 was made from our club as of May 2014.


STARFISH NICARAGUA – This is a new project this year (2014) that supports the Alejandro Vega Matus School in Masaya, Nicaragua.  Projects so far have included installing a 10,000 litre water tank to ensure a constant supply of water; re-wiring of the school for new lighting; installing ceiling fans; replacing white boards; building a new storage shed for dry food; building a kitchen that serves a hot meal while they are at school which is often the only hot meal they would get in a day; building an enclosed garden where they grow vegetables for their own consumption; planting fruit trees for their own fruit consumption; building another classroom to house enough computers to enable the school to hire a government paid teacher (the acquisition of more computers is ongoing). I took part in a two week work visit to this school in February of this year to help with the finishing of the computer classroom and I taught English in the classrooms each morning for two hours.  A donation of $1000.00 was made from our club as of May 2014.


OOMAMA -  This is a grassroots volunteer organization; one of over 250 Grandmother groups across Canada involved in the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign led by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  This organization helps the support of Africa’s Grandmothers raising Grandchildren who have lost Parents due to the HIV/AIDS crisis. A donation of $500.00 was made from our club as of May 2014.


BUYANET – Since 2002 more than 300,000 malaria deaths have been averted, while more than 18.2 million people have been protected against malaria.  In Africa malaria-carrying mosquitoes bite from dusk to dawn; so nightly use of the insecticide-treated nets provide the most cost effective protection against malaria.  Malaria kills nearly 1 million people a year; 8% of deaths are children under five and pregnant women. Malaria consumes as much as 40% of public health expenditure in countries where it is endemic.  A donation of $500.00 was made from our club as of May 2014.


SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD – This is a Registered Canadian Charity founded in 1970 by Margaret and Murray Dryden.  Dave Dryden, their son, is currently heading this program.  Bedkits are distributed in India, Kenya, Philippines, Togo, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Honduras, Nicaragua and Bangladesh.  Each kit costs $35.00 and consists of a mat, light blanket, mosquito net, pillow and cover, footwear, school bag, school stationery, pencils, stainless steel plate and bowl set, raincoat, plastic pail and packing bag, sweater, (boys) shirt and shorts, (girls) two dresses.  This is operated by volunteers and no funds are received from any level of government.  All administrative costs are covered by a legacy account set up by Murray Dryden; so 100% of every bedkit donation reaches a needy child. A donation of $1000.00 was made from our club as of May 2014.


ROTARY FOUNDATION – The Rotary Foundation makes it possible for Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace by supporting projects that improve health, support education and alleviate poverty.  A donation of $2800.00 was made from our club as of May 2014.


PAUL HARRIS AWARD RECOGNITION – This award is named after Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary International.  This year three club members from our club and one local member were recognized for their contributions to the community and to Rotary.  The awards were presented at a dinner in May with over 100 club members, local dignitaries and families of the recipients attending.



This report is respectfully submitted by Sandy Zulauf, Chair of the Rotary Foundation Committee, on June 24, 2014.