Rotary Motto for 2013 -2014 - ENGAGE ROTARY - CHANGE LIVES !
Registrar's report : ! !
Thomas announced 19 Grimsby Rotarians in attendance as well as visitors/ returning Rotarians
Linda Arbuckle and Catharine Curran, Our next outbound student Nick attended with Jeanette
as well as Ben and Melanie the two students who attended the Slapshot Leadership Program.! !
Announcements:! !!
Grimsby Rotary @ Noon Paul Harris Awards Event!
The club voted to follow Harry’s suggestion and attend the Noon Clubs Paul Harris night.!
Pat Jaskula will be awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for her community contributions through
Canadian Tire sponsorships and the Walk for Guide Dogs.!
There will be no meeting at Casablanca Winery Inn next week.!
Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery!
May 29, 2014 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM! !
Sandy announced that the members have stepped up and almost filled the list “job” list for our
upcoming event. Last week 66 openings now only 15 to fill! !
Drew filled everyone in on developments with the town over our Antique Show Signs. Drew will
advise what action we will take after the directors meeting this evening. Look for Drew’s e-mail.! !
Jazz on the Ridge!
Wine, Dine and Jazz Gala that will benefit WLMH and McNally House!
Friday May 23 at Peninsula Ridge Winery, Tickets $195 ! !
Sergeant-At-Arms: Jim Howden! !
Marty was “just happy” in Dick’s absence!
Drew had quite a day!
Arby’s happy buck dissolved into a disagreement owed who actually put up her sign.!
George happy to head north to feed the black flies !
Nick is happy school is almost out and he is closer to heading off on exchange!
Jeanette booked a trip to (where else) New York city!
Al contributed bail for Drew!
Marshall was happy to see everyone’ s smiling faces!
Catharine happy it was such a beautiful day!
Don every day is a beautiful day!
Jim M is upset with Queen Victoria and why he has to do gardening on her day.!
Harry because of the 5 million $ raised with red light cameras in Hamilton predicts being able to
make money with our smart phones
Program! !
Donna introduced the two students our club sponsored to attend Slapshot, the district
Leadership Weekend for highschool students. !
Benjamin and Melanie both described the weekend as Awesome. They heard great speakers
on leadership styles and skills. They participated on a ropes course which Melanie found
challenging as she is afraid of heights. They enjoyed a session on Teen Challenges where they
identified the challenges facing teens and discussed how they might find ways to deal with
They both felt they had learned a lot.!
Jeanette thanked them for their presentation.! !!
Duty Roster!
The current duty roster is posted on the Rotary Club of Grimsby website at:

May 29 Meeting at Peninsula Ridge Winery, Paul Harris Award Meeting, Rotary at Noon- McCloskey Grapevine Editor
June 5 Registration Wood,  Invocation Cross, Speaker Announcement Deeth,  Speaker Appreciation Vandermolen, Grapevine Editor Howden