Bill Hughes recorded the Grapevine for Mar. 12, 2015
Rotary Club of Grimsby 
Grapevine March 12, 2015
President Bob opened the meeting
Registrar reported 14 members present plus guests Dave and Liz Fisk;  Paul Murphy; and speaker Marcie Young
Bob announced   1. Wednesday at Noon at Chibo's  - a fundraising discussion. 
                             2. March  24 -    Rotary International President, Gary Huang, will be at the Burlington Arts Gallery  for lunch.   See next story.
Roger  We should attend more Chamber of Commerce meetings  ( breakfast for example)
Sergeant-at-Arms Jim 
     Jeanette -  now has a new name tag
     George  - no sap at the Soo yet  ( now leaving Mar. 19th for the spring)  
      Bob  - Canada Blooms is on
     Mike - pleased to have a visit from daughter Rachel and her friend Bjorn.
     Linda L.  ahd a great holiday in Grenada
     Grant  - spring is here and has started planting
     Roger  - happy to out curl his neighbour
     Bill   3 curling wins on Wednesday
     Paul  - Happy to be back with us
     Dave  -enjoyed the fellowship of Rotary
      Liz - Is looking forward to a trip to Iceland and England
     Jim  - saw a swan on the Lake. 
    Marcie Young  of St, John's Ambulance was a guest speaker.
    The mission of the St. John's Ambulance is  to support health, safety and quality of life.
    They receive no government funding and their revenue come sfrom grants and donations. Their areas of work are
       1. They are the first responders at events  and are officially the sole providers at the summer's PanAm Games.   
       2, They have 72 therapy dogs who visit hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
       3. Instruct on car seat safety
       4. They have cadet programs with over 160 volunteers and 32,000 hours
Their newest program is Paws for Storage Programs for which they need funding ( a request was made)
   They provide AED training  and have first aid kits for cars.
 Kathryn thanked Marcie for her interesting presentation for a very worthwhile organization.
Meeting  March 19  is cancelled  due to many members away.
March 26   Fire Chief  Michael Cain
April 2  Gabo  - our exchange student
April 9   Police Chief  Shawn Dowd
Bill Hughes   Editor