President Wayne opened the meeting.



Registrars report;

Rotarian Pamela reported that there were 21 Rotarians present at the meeting.


Happy Bucks:

Don – reported that a autographed Wayne G. sweater sold of $4 T at his daughters event.

Allen and Harry –  just happy.

Clarence – happy to finish painting the pool and missing trip to Pebble Beach.

Marty - happy to be a grandfather to new 5th grandson.

Bill –enjoyed playing golf with two sons.

Charles – tipped the bartender so wrote an IOU.

Sandy – experienced a wet –T – shirt contest at the Peach Bud race.

Linda A. – also gave out water at the race and got wet.

Wayne – happy for last night as Pers. and experienced buying fake Wayne G. cereal boxes.

Jim H. – happy grandsons are arriving for two weeks.

Shirley – knew many people runners at the PB race.

Kathryn – was happy to see so  many young people running in the PB race.

Drew –Lauren ran in the PB race and he is going to Mossport.

Pamela – excited that family is coming with young son and two month old twins.

Jeanette – went with son to NY last week to see Michael C. Hall and got autographs.

Mike – happy for high club participation at CAS.

Roger – built the best cannonball  dock at the cottage.

Grant – proud of son James who was selected as entrepreneur of the year for Montreal.

Thomas – is the Assistant Governor again and proud of grand-daughter who is the Rotary  


Bob M. – apprehensive!!!!



President Wayne (for the last night) reminded all to send email regrets to Bob M. and Jim M.

New T shirts will be ordered for mew members.

The BBQ will be held next week at Bob M’s, 7 pm, at 3658 Lakeshore road. After contributing a food item be sure also to bring an item to BBQ and your own drinks, and confirm attendance.

-2 –


Rotarian Sandy congratulated Wayne for running for Mayor of Grimsby.


A GAS meeting will be held immediately following this meeting.


President Wayne presented Drew with a pin for sponsoring a new Rotary member.





The Club Secretary, the Club Treasurer and each of the Club Directors gave their reports

which will  be published in Club Runner.


Next Meeting -  BBQ at Bob Martins.