Jim Howden recorded Grapevine for June 18,2015
Alan as register reported 15 members present plus 2 guests, exchange student Joanne and Peter Zaulauf.
Sargeant-at-Arms, Marty
Sandy- Happy to have been host family for Joanne.
Peter- Happy to have the energy of having a teenager in house again.
Roger- Happy to be heading to lake for 3 weeks.
Grant- Happy to eating from Garden again
Jeanette- Went to Toronto with Joanne
Linda A - Happy that Garage Sale had a perfect weather day
Marty- Happy to tiding up late father's affairs.
Bob- Happy with the great support of the club in organizing first annual garage sale.
This was a Club Assembly night and club discussed budget which will be submitted for final approval by New Board in July.
President Bob thanked the club for the wonderful support during his term as President since this was his last meeting before the incoming President Clarence takes over.
This was the last meeting for our exchange student Joanne as she is heading back to Taiwan next week.  Joanne thanked her host families and the  club for a wonderful experience for which she is most grateful. Joanne had stayed with Jeannette and Sandy and they commented on what a wonderful time they had with Joanne. President Bob and the whole club wished Joanne all the best and look forward to regular updates from Taiwan.
Rotary will be manning a station at the Peach Bud race on June 30th. Linda A will organize the volunteers.
Past Presidents BQ is on July 9th at Bob Martin's farm in Jordan. Members to bring own drinks and meat to BBQ.
There will not be a meeting on July 2nd due to July 1st holiday.