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Club President is the highest office in the Rotary Club. This is recognised at meetings buy the wearing of the President's Collar. Presidents normally hold office for one year, commencing in July and ending the following June. The President Elect Nominee is selected at the Annual General Meeting in November some 20 months before taking office. The PEN becomes the President Elect at the November AGM preceding the Changeover the following June-July at which the existing President retires from office. The President chairs the Board and is ex officio member of all other club committees. Many Club Presidents manage to combine the duties of office with their family and work commitments.
1983-84 Gordon Sellick 1984-85 Roger Smith
1985-86 Malcolm Zeitz 1986-87 Tony Nancarrow
1987-88 Alan Bartram 1988-89 Howard Holmes
1989-90 Malcolm Coff 1990-91 Sam Savis
1991-92 Andrew Taylor 1992-93 Ian Stewart
1993-94 Ashley Kellett 1994-95 Robert Cesana
1995-96 Andrew Love 1996-97 David Tiddy
1997-98 Robin Hill 1998-99 Geoffrey Keynes
1999-20 Geoffrey Pitcher 2000-01 Bernie Boxer
2001-02 Julian Lugg 2002-03 Rodger Thomas
2003-04 Rob Rodenburg 2004-05 Ian Jenkinson
2005-06 Alan Moss 2006-07 Terry McCoy
2007-08 Gus Gauvin 2008-09 Richard De Garis
2009-10 Jim Handley 2010-11 Margaret Blake
2011-12 Mike McAuliffe 2012-13 Robert Handley
2013-14 Sandra Matz 2014-15 Andrew Sullivan
2015-16                        Mike Mc Auliffe                                2016-17              Mike McAuliffe
2017-18                        Robert Handley                                2018-19              Gerry Greenway
2019-20                        Gerry Greenway                               2020-21              Neville Highett
2021-22                        Neville Highett                                 2022-23              Judy Greenway