Charitable Trust - Vision

The stated object of the Trust is:
To provide disadvantaged or marginalised children under the age of 18, with educational life changing experiences, and/or to assist their spiritual wellbeing.
This is being achieved by looking at applications from  both individuals and organisations working with children at risk. The Trust looks for those applications with the potential for maximum effect for the cost involved. We look for individuals who show the most potential for change if they were to participate in events such as leadership or self-awareness camps, or other activities that can achieve a similar result.
The success of the Trust will be measured by the difference it makes in the lives of the successful applicants. The management is not only dedicated to community service and helping those in need, but also focuses on achieving results and using the funds in the Trust to achieve maximum benefits.
The founders envisage the Trust will continue for generations to come. Much care was taken  in setting out goals so the Trust would be timeless and enduring.
Helping the young
find their way.