Returning to our old stomping grounds at the Hyde Park Tavern for one night of nostalgia and a chance to don our finery on July 22nd 2020, our annual changeover dinner was attended by 37 members and guests.
Gerry Greenway ended his 2 year presidency by handing over the reins into the capable hands of Neville Highett, who was accompanied by his charming wife Jill.  Chairman Peter Griffiths, his lovely wife Ros, District Governer Elect Jeff Neale, his wife Meredith and Area 9 Governor Di Clements rounded off the table seating, not to mention Gerry’s wife Judy who toasted eagerly as proceedings began.
As is the usual custom, having been called to do so by Chairman Peter, Bernie Boxer opened the proceedings with a Welcome to Country. This was followed by our customary toast to Rotary International and the people of Australia proposed by Lyn, and a response by Jeff Neale.
Di Clements then spoke to the group in regards to the structuring of the new area.
As the wine flowed and the meals were served, it was great to see so many familiar faces and to hear the chitter chatter of happy voices at a social occasion not so easily afforded to some other state populations in our great country of late due to Covid 19.
It was wonderful to see some familiar faces of old including Gordon Wilkinson, his wife Nereda, past District Governor Peter Ochota and his wife Meredith, Geoff Keynes and his wife Anne and never to be forgotten Mark Ikeda. It was also very nice to see Ian McIntyre, his wife Ann, and Maryann Kohlberger there to share the occasion with their fellow Rotarians
After the dinner Outgoing President Gerry presented his report and gave a brief summary of the year during which  Alan Moss was asked to stand up and be acknowledged for being as Gerry said “ My Rock”  as Secretary during his two years of Presidency. My Moss Rock he added! Gerry then deftly  inducted Neville as our new president. Neville proceeded to give those in attendance his visions for the future and his intentions as to how this might be achieved.
A great night amongst old friends and good vibes for the coming Rotary Year.
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