5 Members of the Marion- East Cedar Rapids Rotary Club (evening and daytime) attended the North Central Presidents-elect Training Seminar (NCPETS) in Ames from March 14th to the 16th. (Pictured left to right: Jill Olsen, Kesha Billings, Jacob Wittrock, Tracey Koenig, Michelle Bell ). Jill Olsen was the Chair of the event, with countless hours of behind the scenes work before the event even began and was a familiar face throughout the event. Michelle Bell, as the incoming 5970 District Governor, lead the District Presidents-elect through some resourceful training and Club planning activities as they plan their year as President of their Club and was also a familiar face throughout the Seminar. Jacob Wittrock serves as one of 12 Assistant Governors in our district and oversees and coordinates efforts in our Metro area. Tracey Koenig is the President-elect for Marion-East Cedar Rapids CLub so this Seminar helped ready her for the transition to Presidency and gain insight to how she wants to lead the Club during her term in 2019-2020. Kesha Billings was also in attendance as the President-elect Nominee for the Club and gained insight as to what it is to lead a club and how to start preparing ones self for that role. In all, hundreds of Rotarians joined together for two days of fellowship and understanding that our Clubs may all be different, but we are united together as Rotarians to do good in the World.