Kathy McGee gave our Inspirational Message.
Todd Juvonen led us in the Flag Salute.
Todd Juvonen also introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. Visiting from Buena High School today was Natalie Debbas along with our students of the quarter.
Cal passed the clipboard for club duties.
First Wednesday of the month we will be volunteering at FoodShare
Bruce McGee announced that Midge Stork’s service will be this Saturday at 2:00
Bruce also spoke about membership. April will be membership month so please invite a guest.
Joe Strohman introduced our latest Students of the Quarter.
l-r  Bill Spellman, Conner Hofferbert &
Scott Manninen
l-r: Joe Strohman, Jude Ferdolage, & Natalie Debbas
Dick Gallagher gave a craft talk.
Emily Barany sold raffle tickets for our Opportunity Drawing this week.
Ashley Pope continued with the Membership Drive discussion.
Ashley Pope introduced our speaker Shawna Morris from Casa Pacifica.
Happy $’s: President Cal, Steve Harbison,
Bruce McGee donated a $50 gift card to Lure won by Judy Hoag