Posted by Jeff Hata on Mar 21, 2019
President Jeff led us in the Flag Salute.
Our Inspirational Message was delivered by Husam Hishmeh.
Introduction of guests & visiting Rotarians – Jeff Hata.
Guest of Roy Valdez was Adonis Campillo. Guest of Sharon Daly was Lucille Miller.
Visiting from the Rotary Club of Santa Maria Noon was Laura Segura.
Visiting from the Rubicon Theater was Kary Lynn Burns and Bev & Kirby Ward.
I want to thank the greeter Amber Stevens & Megan Hahn for taking attendance.
Margarida Eidson announced our raffle prize was $50 cash donated by Margarida Eidson.
Rotary Recognition:
  • Anniversaries
    • Tom & Georganna Swan
Presidents announcements:
  • Upcoming speakers
    • 3/28 – Offsite CAPS TV
    • 4/4 – Rancho Ventura – Bonnie Atmore
    • 4/11 – Direct Relief – Dean Axelrod
  • Exchange Student Hyla Borrell
  • May 4 – Downtown 100 year anniversary Party
  • May 4 – Rotary Plaza Christening
  • Autism Awareness Patch
Avenues of Service:
Amber Stevens: RMFR Update
Ashley – Jigsaw Puzzles
Jeff Burgh – District Assembly
Happy $’s: Husam Hishmeh & John Borneman
Margarida conducted the raffle and our lucky winner was one of our job shadow participants.
Thought for the week…
If you’re going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill