Todd Juvonen took attendance
Adonis Campillo led us in the Flag Salute
President Cal led us in reciting the 4 way test.
President Cal brought the door prize, $50 to Peking Inn.
Our speaker is Monique from Heroes Hideaway.
Joe Strohman introduced our guests: NK from Rotary South, Debbie Martin from the YMCA & Walk for Kids, Olivia Strohman, Dan Glassman, Dante from Ventura South
Ashley Pope gave inspiration and brought some old memorabilia from the chamber office move relating to our club.
Debbie Martin talked to us about the need for walkers and volunteers for Walk for Kids.
Margarida Eidson talked about Romania and sending the team funds through the chamber in Romania.
NK and Dante talked about a program for $50,000 grant that will impact over 300 kids. They need $18,000 – they would like $3,000 for the Autism Project. The program is to help bring teachers and people to help identify autism in children. The region would be in Camaroon. The hope is that the project would become a template.
Sam Marsh gave us a short craft talk about Drivers Education and how/why it’s not free, and that it should be. He would like VCRE to help make Drivers Training free as a rotary project, because it should be funded through the general fund as it is collected from tickets.
NK won the raffle.