Posted by Jeff Hata on Apr 11, 2019
Jim Word led us in the Flag Salute.
Our Inspirational Message was given by Ashley Pope.
Introduction of guests & visiting Rotarians – Todd Juvonen
We did not have any guests or visiting Rotarians today.
I want to thank the greeter Rich Stewart & Roy Valdez for taking attendance.
Margarida Eidson announced that our raffle prize was a $50 gift certificate to SpiceTopia donated by Ashley Pope.
Rotary Recognition:
  • President Jeff presented Megan Hahn with her blue badge.
  • Bruce McGee presented Paul Harris Fellows to Laura Shannon & Jeff Burgh.
Presidents announcements:
Melody Namikas spoke to the club about Dave Stork's passing.
President Jeff let the club know that Bob Noville has been under the weather.
President Jeff asked the club for permission to have flowers delivered to Dave Stork's Memorial. Permission was granted.
  • Upcoming speakers
    • 4/18 – Craft Talk
    • 4/25 – Shawn O’Hara
  • Exchange Student Hyla Borrell
  • May 4 – Downtown 100 year anniversary Party
  • May 4 – Rotary Plaza Christening
Joe Strohman introduced our 4Way Test Essay Contest winners and each of them ready their essays.
3rd Place - Tyler Hoff, 2nd Place - Ava Gutierrez, 1st Place - Amina Waqar
Avenues of Service:
P.E. Jeff Burgh spoke about the Rotary Cruise scheduled for August 1st - 4th which is also Harriet Clune's Birthday weekend.
Rich Stewart announced that there was a small group going up to Ojai to see Bill Spellman perform. If anyone else would like to go, please let Rich know.
Bruce McGee spoke about the great turnout for the Walk For Kids. Plans are already underway for next year!
Ashley Pope spoke about the Sip & See on Tuesday and the Bob Pazen Memorial Membership Scholarship. 
Margarida conducted the raffle and our lucky winner was Melody Namikas!
Thought for the week…
It is not length of life, but depth of life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson